Take A Look At These Stunning Celebrity Houses That You Might Be Dreaming Of


The comedic actor bought a Hollywood Hills home for his family worth $20 million, he decided to take things a notch higher by making modifications that spiked its value to $85 million. What an investment! The mansion sits on a 16-acre property with 32 rooms in total, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spa, tennis court and a huge guesthouse. This investment may make one file for bankruptcy if he doesn’t have the huge net worth to support it and its maintenance and insurance fees.


The veteran singer has been living in this Beverly Hills mansion since 1991. With a net worth of $200 million, Lionel Richie could afford to change settlement every five years but instead he settled for a money management plan at least for his children. the grandiose estate boasts ceilings and columns inspired by Italian relics, as well as furniture and chandeliers from the 18th century. This 17,000-square-foot mansion includes six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a music studio, swimming pool, and even four garages. The home cost the hit-maker $11.4 million, in today’s market he will get triple return of his investment if he to sell the property.


Her home may appear to be a basic design without too many trills – but you can be certain that the actress didn’t run out of money midway so, no need for a bankruptcy lawyer as she knows plenty about money management! She decorated her home with this in mind: less is more. this 4,100-square-foot property is a living dream, with a 40-foot gallery, ebony wooden floor, exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling French doors, including 13 windows and eight closets in the master bedroom which she takes credit for installing.


Kimora Lee Simmons is a fashion model and designer, she also featured as a judge in 2003’s America’s Next Top Model as well. So, her lavish lifestyle should not be a thing of surprise. and when you put her financier hubby in the picture, you get one filthy rich couple, ready to drop $25 million for a Beverly Park home. Besides 20,000-square-foot of space, this breathtaking mansion, built in Mediterranean style, has seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a foyer with double curved staircases, marble floor, swimming pool with spa, and a tennis court. The couple definitely knows plenty about good investment and may never have to worry about bankruptcy.


Her gorgeous mansion has been featured in countless magazines, Christina has a unique taste when it comes to home makeovers and designs. Her LA mansion is 11,000 square foot, this property features everything from color-coordination to a personal recording studio and a security system. The most notable feature of this mansion is the walk-in-closet room and a wall filled with designer shoes. Not a bad investment for a girl of her age!


A lot can be said about the audacity of a man that lives near water – and perhaps even more about the insurance company that provides his home with a cover. For Mathew McConaughey, this reality is all too familiar. His property is in the Rivercrest area near Lake Austin – 10,000 square feet Spanish Mediterranean estate that includes seven bedrooms, a gated long drive with two circular motor courts, and docking for boats for leisure sailing. If your credit card is as heavy as this guy’s, losing one property will probably not cost you sleepless nights.


Freeman’s net worth is estimated at $200 million, the legendary actor known for his baritone voice can afford a lifestyle of luxury. The A-list actor owns a huge 124 acres ranch in Mississippi. In 2019, however, Freeman proved how dedicated he is to environmental issues by setting his sights on the worrying decrease in the bee population. And he went above and beyond to do his bit by essentially converting his beloved Mississippi home into a bee sanctuary. In fact, Freeman decided to import no fewer than 26 beehives to his 124-acre ranch in Charleston from Arkansas. The actor then fed the insects water and sugar as he got to work building a suitable habitat. This included planting fruit and magnolia trees as well as lavender and clover – all of which would aid the pollinators. The cost of the mansion is yet to be known, but judging by his income it has to be a lot of money. This man and his family have no business with mortgage trouble but home insurance trouble is a possibility.


The 93-year-old surprised a lot of people by settling for a mansion this luxurious. Looking at his age, you would expect him to perch on a three or two bedroom apartment, but this guy’s age has nothing to do with his lifestyle. With a net worth of $50, His house is surrounded by tall trees and hedges, and it is teeming with grace and many beautiful rooms with high ceilings. To count just some of them he has his own theater room, a gym, a cozy fireplace in the master bedroom and the list goes on and on! Insurance and a top-notch security system will not be a problem for this guy.


With a joint net worth estimated at $250 million, Jessica Biel and hubby, Justin Timberlake could afford a penthouse $20 million and still have a six-figure credit card. The 5,400-square-foot pad cost Timberlake and Biel $20.2 million. The building where their apartment is located is very popular among celebrities, and, in fact, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are just some of their neighbors. This elegant and expensive penthouse includes an indoor swimming pool, four bedrooms, and six bathrooms. Not a bad investment in our opinion.


Alan Jackson lived in a mansion, we can only wish for! Who wouldn’t want to live by the lake! After buying the land in 1995 it took almost two years to build what you see here right now! He shared his fairytale with his wife and their daughters. In 2010, they decided to sell the house because it was too much for just the two of them. If only our credit card allows it, we would be happy to get our hands on that house! But another problem will be insurance money.


Bob Barker is a show host who kicked off his career in the mid-1950s on the show Truth or Consequences. He later rose to mainstream popularity in the 1970s when he became the host of the game show, The Price Is Right. This guy made a lot of money from TV hosting so, having one or two real estate investments is not a bad idea. The exact price of his house is undisclosed but we’re sure it didn’t come cheap.


Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of popular actor Ron Howard. Bryce along with her hubby Seth Gabel decided to buy a Mediterranean-style house in 2006. The mansion cost the actress and her husband $2.92 million and only a few years later, she put the house on the market at a lower price. They housed was sold for $2.355 million. They never had to worry about loans or mortgage hassle as they purchased a new home. Selling the formal house a few thousand dollars less will definitely not have any damaging effect on the couple as their combined bank account still runs in millions.


The country superstar and voice coach ended his marriage with his wife after over ten years of marriage. The separation caused a lot of headaches, especially for the fans. Blake and his ex-wife co-owned a 5-bedroom Nashville apartment uniquely decorated with pieces from various centuries. The house was enlisted for sale as advised by their divorce lawyer. The house was sold for $3 million, then Blake went on to build a Hawaiian-style gateway for his new lady, Gwen Stefani. Its always good to have a loaded credit card isn’t it?


Lauren Conrad is well informed when it comes to matters of real estate. The reality TV personality and fashion designer decided to list her Pacific Palisades, California apartment sale for $5.2 million. The Mediterranean-style home includes five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two terraces and a good security system. She managed to find a buyer for the 5,900-square-foot property and sold it for$4.99 million. She made a small profit from the sale as she purchased the house for $4.4 million. Good return of investment if you ask us!


Pop superstar, Katy Perry lives out her dreams without apologies. As a true California girl, katy purchased a $4 million Mediterranean-style villa in LA that has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge closet-room and a gorgeous view with a pool so large it could easily be mistaken for a small private ocean. With an impressive credit card balance, katy’s lavish lifestyle comes as no surprise to fans. Looking at her net worth, the music star does not need loans to purchase more properties like this one.


The 30-year-old actress bought her first house for $ 2.7 million in Studio City, California. The mansion, which is a combination of Tuscan and Moroccan style, offers a breathtaking view of the city. It has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a posh entry hall with curved staircases, family room, and a wine cellar. The outdoors are embellished with a saline water swimming pool, spa, large barbecue area, and a cabana. We are not sure whether Hudgens’ financial adviser gave her the green light for this investment, but one thing is sure – that’s a lot of money for a first home.


The celebrity couple Brat pit and his wife Angelina Jolie own a $60 million home in France at the time when they were still together. The amazing castle includes 35 bedrooms and more than enough space for their big family of six. After Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce, allegedly because of his alcohol abuse. We wonder whether the famous couple would list their home for sale or not (and who would get the bigger return on investment if they do). Am sure their fans and financial adviser would probably want them back together for good.


You can call her controversial, but she definitely knows where to put her investment money. The pop star owns a 13,264 square feet mansion in California. The home is pure gold in the form of a gorgeous Italian villa. The $9 million real estate is a dream house for many people as every thing about the house is lovable. The house has a garden, and a fountain. When money is not a barrier in your life, anything is achievable.


The celebrity couple purchased a Berkshire mansion since 2014. But they moved in together with their twins just recently. The mansion has a huge price tag of $20 million, but it’s apparent that it’s worth more than that as it comes with a home cinema able to seat 12 persons, a pool house, nanny’s quarters. Subterranean irrigation system, nine bedrooms, an all-weather tennis court, an outdoor playground, and security system. This couple made sure their investment plan matches their steep bank accounts!


Ever heard of Thor movie series? Here is the guy that made it happen. Chris Hemsworth moved back to his homeland, Australia recently together with his wife and their kids. The actor presently lives in a $7 million mansion in Byron Bay. The family has spent additional $8 million renovating the already expensive property. The 11 acres estate comes with eleven bathrooms and eight bedrooms, together with a seaside private access, lagoon pool, and a security system. The Harmsworths dosent have to worry about mortgage payments as dad got it sorted out


Talk about wrestling, acting-this guy is all in one. Dwayne knows a thing or two when it also comes to investments as he chose to place his money in purchasing real estate in prime locations. He recently purchased a 13,000 square foot mansion in Florida for $3.4 million. The building has seven bath rooms, six bedrooms, a fully stocked gym, 14-seater home theatre, lush garden, and a swimming pool with a jacuzzi. Insurance money is nothing for the formal WWE superstar.


Wealthy athletes are known for their lavish spending and Kevin Durant is no exception as he now owns the Malibu oceanfront mansion, the mansion was acquired early this year for a jaw dropping $12.05 million. The property is situated at a privately gated street with balconies and an amazing view featuring an open-plan living. The house was built in 1976 but has been renovated since then. Fore sure, its house insurance has skyrocketed over the years, and his home security system is not cheap either.


Popular Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz, has decided to sell her beautiful Manhattan apartment designed in 2015 by Kelly Wearstler. The apartment which she has lived in since 2008 is located in Greenwich Village. She is willing to path with the building for $4.5 million and we are certain she must have cashed out on her investment. The actress married Benji Madden in 2015 and the couple now owns a $2.178 million pad in LA, which was built in 1964. You should expect a top-notch security system in her home!


Known for her elegance and good manners, the beautiful Julie Roberts decided to sell her beautiful apartment in Greenwich Village, New York City. She wanted $4.5 million for the property but got a buyer who paid her a whopping $5.35 million- giving her $850k worth of dividends. Good return on investment if you ask us! Julia presently lives in a luxurious mansion in Malibu. Known for keeping her luxurious lifestyle private, Julia got a mansion in a secluded area with an amazing view. Her insurance company will definitely love her!


Arguably one of the most talked about couples, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been making so much buzz on the internet because of their whirlwind romance. They may be both young but their investment planning strategy is top class. The celebrity couple are known to have moved in together already, reports suggest they stay in a luxury property in Chelsea, New York worth around $16 million. The property has four bedrooms, a theatre, a skylight swimming pool, and juice bar. Imagine the insurance of this posh building!


Carson Palmer is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Arizona Cardinals. Although, he is retired but the weight of his credit card can still afford the 8,000-square-foot Del Mar house. The breathtaking structure had cost the athlete $24 million. The mansion has eight bathrooms, six bedrooms, and a kitchen. Carson who retired in January 2018 has found a good investment plan his retirement.


Arrested by the DUI and a divorce scandal, woods have been through hell lately. But he is still one of the richest guys around with an enormous fortune amassed from a successful career as a golfer. Tiger woods owns a $60 millions real estate property located in Florida. The home insurance money and security system grade will wow you! Asides his luxury mansion the athlete can still afford a private jet and luxury yacht.


Rachael decided to sell her real estate investment in Southampton for $4.69 million. The celebrity chef, TV personality, and author is believed to have already seen a buyer for the mansion considering how gorgeous the house is. The luxury building has a dining area, living room, three bedrooms, two kitchens, pool, and three bedrooms. Let’s hope she spoke to her financial adviser before selling her posh property!


Self-made television host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres decided to sell the amazing 10,500-square-foot Montecito property in California. Being into real estate investment for years, Ellen knows a thing or two about buying and selling houses. Ellen lived in the mansion with her partner Portia de Rossi and the couple decided to part ways with the property for a whooping $45 million, but the price was reduced to $39.5 million as it was difficult to get a buyer for the initial price. The gorgeous house sits on 17 acres and it includes countless amenities like swimming pool, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and also a media room and huge dining table. Home insurance money can’t be a problem for this rich TV personality!


He formerly resides in a small mansion in Bel-Air, but the superstar actor has moved to a more befitting mansion in Calabasas, California. The compound of his mansion is so huge that it has its zip code. The property has basketball courts, a golf course, tennis court, large garage, a recording studio, and a good security system. The house was originally acquired at $20 million but it is currently worth $42 million, because of the renovations done. Real estate is definitely a smart investment channel!


The beautiful Eva Mendes and her now ex-boyfriend George Gargurevich once own a posh 1,732-square-foot mansion that features three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The actress enlisted the property for sale since their eight-years relationship has ended, since they were not legally married, no need for a divorce lawyer! They purchased the house for $584k in 2002 but Eva was selling it for $1.27 million. Good investment plan if you ask us! Luckily, the actress managed to sell the property, she now lives a different life in a different home with her current boy friend Ryan Gosling and their two kids.


Jennifer Aniston is a famous actress known for her role in countless blockbuster movies. Jenifer acquired an elegant Beverly Hills mansion in 2006. The house cost the actress $13.5 million but soon after, Jenifer enlisted the house for sale. She was willing to part ways with her investment for $42 million. The deluxe house features a gym, a huge garage, five bedrooms, and a high-tech security system. Jenifer and her husband separated in 2018, and the actress decided to put another mansion on the market, with the couple’s $21 million Bel-Air mansion being up for sale as well.


Since 2011 when she hit stardom, Hollywood’s favorite, Jessica Chastain said goodbye to loans and mortgage troubles. The actress is now the proud owner of a 3,200-square-foot cooperative apartment located in midtown NY. The mansion is worth $5.1 million. The stylish property features nine bedrooms, a massive library, TV room, soaking tub, and five fireplaces. And did we mention high ceilings and windows, and antique furniture?


Selena Gomez has a soft spot for family and friends as she purchased a 10,000 square foot mansion in Fort Worth because she wanted spending more time with her family. The resort-style home features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a luxurious home theater, two kitchens, parking for eight cars, and a gaming room. It also has an outdoor kitchen, saltwater pool, and a tennis court. Her insurance money is nothing judging by her net worth!


He is a social media superstar, hip-hop entertainer, and producer. The fat guy knows a thing or two about investments as he has numerous real estate properties around the world. The world’s most famous DJ recently purchased his latest mansion in Beverly Hills. The 10,681 square feet mansion has eleven bathrooms, a media room, huge kitchen, maid’s chamber, seven bedrooms, a gym, a butler’s pantry, and of course a studio. On the outside, it has a spa, living area, sprawling lawn, pool, outdoor kitchen, double terraced patios, and security system


Kate Upton and her fiancé Justin Verlander acquired a 5,500 square foot mansion in Benedict Canyon. The house was purchased for $5.5. the mansion is definitely worth the price tag as it comes with a master suite with double closets and baths, a huge office area, Gourmet chef’s and open living and family rooms, and security system. Kate who recently became sports illustrated swimsuit supermodel will have no worries detecting $5.5 million from her account.


Joaquin Phoenix purchased his neighbor’s house for $1.39 back in 2013. The award-winning actor is yet to merge the both houses. His latest acquisition is 2,511 square feet of space with an amazing vintage interior décor. Joaquin is set to portray joker on the next Batman movie, he has made countless additions to his home collection over the years, and in 2018, he purchased another mansion in LA with his sister. Joaquin’s investment plan is amazing as he derives a lot of joy from real estate investments


Her funny name has nothing to do with her bank account as the millionaire actress recently acquired a 10,000-square-foot home in LA. The mansion features three guest suits and family bedrooms. This are not just ordinary bedrooms, they are master suits with a private living room. The real estate investment features a professional screening room underneath the basement and a full gym too. At the backyard, it has a complete outdoor living rooms and an infinity-edged swimming pool. The security system in the mansion is on of the best money can buy, so, safety is 100%.


Most people don’t even know his real name, he is mostly known as Captain America. Chris Evans allegedly won a bidding battle for the 4,599 square feet home in Laurel Canyon, beside Hollywood Hills. The property features a master’s bedroom, dressing room, large floor-to ceiling windows, and a security system. In addition to an already amazing property, the building has a specious open-concept kitchen as it is rumored that Captain America loves cooking. Insurance money will not be a headache for the hit maker!


This guy found success through pawn stars and made a ridiculous amount of money. Austin is not known by his real name; most people know him as chumlee. His fat bank about allows him to live a lavish life and with his investment skills, we don’t expect him to go bankrupt even with the way he throws money on things Chumlee once owned a house in LA which had an amazing interior look. The five-bedroom mansion also features a guest house that has four bedrooms. Austin later enlisted the house for sale, his asking price was $1.85 million. Austin now owns his own candy shop called chumlee’s candy on the Boulevard.


She has achieved a lot in her life already at just 22. The social media icon and model already has a full when it comes to investments. She already owns real estates which include her $6.5 million mansion. The mansion features a gym, five bathrooms, six bedroom and a large walk-in-closet, and a swimming pool. The property measures a massive 4,800 square feet. With this kind of good investment, she probably will never need any loan from banks or a bankruptcy lawyer!


The actor has amassed great wealth from acting, so its only normal he spends huge amounts on properties. Thankfully he didn’t spend the money on anything his financial adviser or lawyer would disagree with. Instead, Willies got himself a gorgeous 8,400 square feet mansion in Bedford, New York. Willies purchased the house for a whopping $9 million.


Other celebrities with his pocket size got fancy homes, Robbie decided to take it a step further- he bought a whole building! Located in West London, just in Kensington. The building cost him $17 million, it came with 46 rooms with a huge garage and high-tech security system. However, Robbie didn’t exactly buy the place and instantly moved in. he waited for renovations to finish including roofing and this took three years.


The former rock star’s $2-million home is a 2-story structure that has three bathrooms, a full bar entertainment room, fire pit, some tropical landscaping covering the house’s exterior, four bedrooms, a huge pool, and his own fully-equipped recording studio. Not a bad investment if you ask me! Leto, who has now focused his attention on acting, takes his sweet time to enjoy his sprawling 4,000 square feet home. In fact, it’s the only home in the street, which means Leto has all the privacy he needs. We hope he didn’t forget to secure an excellent home insurance.


With her kind of income, its only normal she lives a lifestyle that speaks money. Mandy has moved into her stylish 3,3551 square feet mansion, she got the home for $2.5 million in Pasadena. The property has a spa-like bathroom, large kitchen with a breakfast nook, three bedrooms, and an office. Her backyard has a private access to the pool. This kind of investment is not a bad way to shell out your credit card!


The Supermodel and TV star has had a stellar career that has produced a lot of wealth. The TV star is the proud owner of a 12,300 square foot home located in LA. Heidi’s Italian-inspired home spread across 8.5 acres of land. The property has everything from eight bedrooms to children’s playground. Imagine the insurance and security system of this property!


When you are arguably the best rapper on the planet, it is only normal you have a heavy credit card. Drake admits to having his eyes set on the Hidden estate for a long time and even though its original asking price was $27 million, Drake snatched up his dream home for just $7.7million, he must have a good lawyer to be able to pull that off! The paradise is complete with a huge set of swimming pools, waterfalls.


She may be only 24, but the kind of wealth she controls is jaw dropping. Miley Cyrus has this amazing 2-bederoom Malibu mansion. Miley may be known for her party-girl lifestyle but this acquisition is a good investment in my opinion. The property cost $2.5 million and seats on 2.06 acres of lush greenery. The hassle associated with mortgage or loans for properties. Hannah Montana has got he both feet on the ground on this one.


A world-renowned DJ like Lewis is expected to have a loaded credit card. Interesting the disk junky doesn’t joke with investments as he has invested in an $8 million property of 7,610 square feet and comes complete with five bedrooms, four bedrooms golf leaf ceiling, marble floors, theater, library and a music studio.


Vanna White has been hosting the game show Wheel of Fortune since 1982. Now you know how she made her way into this list. Unfortunately, she listed her Beverly Hills mansion for sale in 2017, she slapped a $47.5 million price tag on the property. Vanna White used to call this Tuscan-style mansion her home but we are yet to find out why she wants to part ways with it. Bankruptcy? Well, you never know.


He is an actor, producer, and director. This guy has it all, Sadly Raynolds passed away on the 6th of September 2018 from a heart attack. The late actor was doing well at a point in his career so it came as a surprise when he filed for bankruptcy. He sold this mansion to his friend Charles Modica in 2015 for $3.3 million and Charles allowed him stay there while paying minimal rent. That’s why money management is very important!


The famous actress decided to gift herself with a gorgeous mansion formally owned by Cecil. B. DeMille. The building is located at Laughlin Park which is a star-studded community. The mansion features 6 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a large dinner area, and a pool. He should expect a property this sophisticated to have a top-notch security system. The Insurance company will hope nothing happens to this mansion ever.


This popular actor needs no introduction. When you house becomes an inspiration for a show, you know you’ve got a steep bank account. Wahlerg’s house in Beverly Hills is used for the show, Entourage. Inside and out, the home features what only the opulent and famous can afford. Well, with a $30- million price tag, the 2-acre property should be worth its salt! The estate has six baths, seven bedrooms, a movie theater, and a huge, wide deck. With this kind of property his investing planning is definitely on the right track and bankruptcy is a no no for this guy!


For the multi-Grammy winner singer, Adele, buying a home worth $9.5 million doesn’t cost a thing. Well, if she does have her financial advisor behind her back, we couldn’t say it’s a bad investment. The 6,500 square feet property sits on Hidden Valley, Beverly Hills as part of a guarded community. The place has four bedrooms, each with a fireplace, two dining rooms, two living rooms, and two baths. Plus, the master bedroom has two walk-in closets. This young woman definitely knows where to fix her money.


Joe got himself a nice 2-story mansion in Sherman Oaks. The mansion is well over 5,600 square feet. It building has six bathrooms, an open kitchen, several fire places, an office, seven-seater theater, and a pool. his financial advisor initially had a headache as Jonas had spent six figures on rent in less than just four months. If he had continued that kind of spending, he would need a bankruptcy lawyer before long!


Courtney Cox certainly earned a fortune with the show, Friends star which is why her net worth is so massive she can easily purchase a $33-million home in Malibu without the need of a loan. Her seafront Malibu place has five bathrooms, four bedrooms, a tennis court, screening room, saltwater swimming pool, and several guest cottages. However, Courtney didn’t exactly need the help of a whole team of interior designers as she has designed it first hand and spent almost a decade doing it. Hope she has insurance for this beauty!


Abel Makkonen Tesfaye known for his stage name the Weekend, has successfully turned himself into a superstar with his amazing voice and wondrous electrifying stage performances. So, we don’t need to wonder how he made this list. Now, with a heavy credit card, he only found it proper to buy a $20-million home in Hidden Hills that covers 12,000 square feet and comes complete with eleven baths, nine bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, cinema theater, wet bar, wine cellar, dining room with a fireplace, music lounge, recording studio, with a sound security system.


Being one of the best tennis players in history, Novak should afford luxury too like his colleagues. The current world number one owns an exclusive Eighty-Seven Park complex in Miami. It property came packed with superb amenities like a private garden, five bedroom unit, large dinning area, and lots more. No need to envy this guy’s mansion because he pays more in home insurance than you do in mortgage payments.


Minnie’s $2.5-million Hollywood Hills home has a lived in, cozy feel to it, that makes it worth the money spent in its purchase. It’s amazing décor got it a spot on an issue of Elle Décor. And while we worry that the gypsy-inspired arrangement may be a few furniture items away from being a booby trap where you can easily slip and fall over something, we have to admit that the style is definitely worth the headaches.At this rate, she needs no loan from any bank as she already gets the strap on investment.


You may know the name Tommy Hilfiger, but it is his lifestyle that seems a little out of the spotlight. The fashion designer has worked his way up to international fame and affluence and is reaping the dividends in millions of earnings. That said, his Golden Beach Estate is anything but average. The property boasts 14,079 square feet and has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and four entertainment rooms – to say the least. And oh, it has a giant Micky Mouse statue, too. So, forget about putting bankruptcy and Tommy Hilfiger in the same sentence because this guy got his investment plans on lock!


With a net worth of $350 Million, actress Jessica Alba lives a very busy life. With this kind of money, with her weighty credit card the 37-year-old actress is more than capable of living a luxurious life. Among the numerous investments she owned, the fantastic 4 crooner has a fabulous mansion in Beverly Hills which cost almost $10 million. According to most sources, the previous owner of the house was Mike Medavoy, the producer of the award-winning movie, Black Swan.


Recognized for the reality TV sow, Duck Dynasty. Jase also serves as Duck Commander’s COO. He and his family are known for once owning a house in West Monroe, Louisiana. The 6,500-square-foot property has a total of six bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and a media room. These days, Robertson and his family are living in Austin Texas already so they decided to sell their Louisiana house for $1.4 million. Selling and re-investing the money will be a good money management strategy and investment plan! The house was built way back in the 1970s and has this whole Arcadian feel to it.


Jennifer Lawrence’s current home in Beverly Hills was formerly owned by Jessica Simpson, which offers a subtle reminder that money makes the best associations. Lawrence spent her investment money well on the 5,500 square feet property, in an attempt to get some additional privacy. With five bedrooms each decorated with a French elegance and a lap pool located in a hidden backyard and surrounded by green plants, the dividends of hard work are fully portrayed in the actress’ lifestyle. Insurance for this kind of property is almost certain because you never know what will happen next!


Lea Michele is contented with her low-key address away from the noise and curious tourists – and perhaps fans. The Glee star opted for a 4-bedroom Hollywood party house, in West LA – an irony, since it serves as an oasis to her. The $3.3-million mansion has been featured in Style’s Home & Design issue and includes rooms painted in warm calming colors and a spacious backyard. Maybe her financial advisor gave her the go-signal for this purchase as it is an excellent investment for even somebody of her pocket size.


Her love for everything romantic seems to reflect in her Manhattan apartment. Located in the trendy TriBeCa neighborhood, the $6-million, 3-bedroom deluxe house is a 3,820 square feet property with a private patio and designed in a light bohemian way that is typical of the actress’ happy-go-lucky persona. Even if she has to pay a pricey home insurance cover for her gorgeous home, we would still be in complete envy of the actress. If you ask me, I would say “investment money well spent”


If you had the ‘90s and dream of living in the Full House, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies to you – someone already beat you to it. The show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, apparently had the same dream and bought the house only to restore it to its old glory. Considering its sentimental value, the cost and house insurance didn’t bother him. And since he has a heavy credit card, nothing could get in the way of this man and his childhood dream.


Lady Gaga got herself Frank Zappa’s former home in Laurel Canyon, the deal was considered a good deal for her as it was situated in a landmark location. The $5.25 million mansion is considered a Hollywood Hills legendary estate that spans over half an acre, covering 6,759 square-feet. This mansion has six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two guest houses, and a staff apartment, and a good security system. It also has an outdoor kitchen, art gallery, rooftop tennis court, recording space, large background pool, and a large storage chamber. This property is good business for insurance companies


Hayden Panettiere couldn’t think of getting her dream home anywhere other than her hometown – and she certainly seems to make it work. She filled the place with rustic elements and memorabilia from her childhood and included a spacious kitchen, gorgeous cabin-like living room, including a bookcase filled with wooden logs, plus a music room with all of her guitars. We hope she didn’t forget her property insurance, too. Getting your dream house must have entailed a non-ending path to mortgage applications, but not for a wealthy celebrity like Hayden.


A 20-year-old millionaire?? This doesn’t happen all the time. The youngest Kardashian has everything going well for her at the moment. Her 4,851 square feet mansion is a beautiful black and white-themed home that comes with a luxurious pool and quite a few seating areas. Between its size and her three walk-in closets with a massive collection of clothes, shoes, and purses – we are in absolute horror of how much she is likely to churn out just for insurance. She should get a financial adviser to help her manage her wealth as she maybe just too young to control such a huge amount.


Emily and spouse John Krasinski may have easily obtained a mortgage for any Hollywood home they like. But instead, the celebrity couple chose a 3,990-square-foot townhouse in Brooklyn’s Park Slope with six suite-like bedrooms in a gorgeous architecture design. And at the risk of raising its home insurance market value, the couple shelled out $300K worth of renovations before they moved in. They take the credit for the work done.


He is referred to as Mr. Olympics, after the conclusion of the summer games, the famous “Human Fish” nestled into 6,000 square feet, 5-bedroom home in Scottsdale complete with six baths and a huge kitchen, formal dining room, and four fireplaces. The $2.5-million home should be quite an attractive pick among real estate property investors. His choice of an investment may well be his way also of picturing what it would be like once he reaches retirement. We are certain his insurance will be loud!


Diana Ross is an American singer, actress, and record producer. She has a mansion valued $16.9 million in Greenwich. This 70-year-old legendary house is located in a prime location, close to the waterfront, and offers plenty of open space for guests. Tall trees also surround the residence, making the ceremony and reception a private event. The house has a brick exterior and slate roof, marble decoration and custom woodwork, as well as bright and airy causal spaces and state-of-the-art technology, which is warm and liveable. The house is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, isolated from the rest of the world, with access to downtown Greenwich. Covering an area of 3.4 acres, there are neatly manicured lawns, including swimming pools, swimming pools and tennis courts.


In 2013, Harvey purchased a 5,500-square-foot penthouse on the 88th floor of the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, Illinois, and was filming his daytime talk show “The Steve Harvey Show.” Taken here. It wasn’t until the fall of 2018 that Harvey broke up with the mansion for $7.7 million. The decision to sell the penthouse may be due to the move of Harvey’s performance from Chicago to Los Angeles. Steve Harvey and his wife live in this gorgeous mansion.


Tom Selleck has always been a Hollywood mystery, in large part due to his preference for residences as far away as possible from the limelight. Selleck attributes his career to balancing work and family-a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, where he and his wife Jillie have been working since 1988 This raising family. Selleck maintains more than 1,500 native trees. He told the magazine: “I work hard and I walk around.” “I like to watch things develop. This is a retreat.” The property was originally built in the 1930s and has considerable ancestry: Dean Martin previously owned the house and then In 1969 it was sold to car dealer Fletcher Jones for approximately US$250,000. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, Sellek paid more than US$5 million for the land in 1988.


The host of the Late-Night show nestles in a 5-bedroom home in Greenwich Village, and the 2-story, 3,000 square feet duplex is a short walk from the Washington Square Park. The property has a stunning view of the Empire State building and Hudson river and more than 30 windows. This guy surely has a good investment plan and If you find the time to watch more of his shows on TV, he could buy some more of these houses – it doesn’t help you or your mortgage troubles, but it certainly helps him increase his earnings.


Her gorgeous mansion was formerly owned by the lead guitarist of the iconic band The Beatles, George Harrison. After that, it belonged to the famous actress Charlize Theron, from 2009 until 2013, when the actress decided to list the mansion for sale. According to some sources, Theron sold her house for $3.8 million when she actually purchased it for $4.6 million. That is a loss in her investment but it still had no effect on her already buoyant bank account and she will not need a bankruptcy lawyer either contrary to many believes.


These two love birds are an example for many to follow. Jennifer Aniston and her hubby Justin Theroux picked a gorgeous nest to call home. They own a $22 million Bel-Air mansion, the 3.5-acre property is a gorgeous posh building, renovated to include a 1,600-square-foot wine cellar, a $952K Korean clay room spa, and a tree house that covers 1,000 square feet and includes a built-in entertainment system, with a good security system and home insurance. This sound like a good nest to me!


She is only 27, but her bank account is heavier than a truck load of gravel. With a net worth of $250, Taylor Swift seems to know just where her investments would yield the best dividends, and real estate property is where her money is. Good way to bank your investment money!! She has spent over $40 million on various homes, and as expected, she has a favorite – her $17-million 1,000-square-foot Rhode Island “beach house” located in the highest point in Watch Hill.


After being on Grey’s Anatomy for a long time, Patrick Dempsey’s style seems to have been influenced by his character in the series. The actor’s gorgeous home may be the perfect picture of elegance, but the 5-acre property was also remodeled to be a lot like McDreamy’s home, with an Airstream trailer in the middle of his garden filled, with a perfect inner flooring. With this kind of property, this guys credit card runs in six figures.


The film producer has faced numerous physical harassment charges lately, but he may be dealing with divorce in a near future as well since his fashion designer-wife has reportedly left him. And while the former lovers must have an excellent financial adviser considering their combined net worth of over $170 million, and a few investments in prime real estate properties, we have yet to see who gets a better divorce lawyer in case of an official split. Speaking of real estate, the duo owns a $12.4-million home in NY, among others.


He is known for starring in the home renovation show, Property Brothers. Drew is gearing up to get married soon to his fiancé, Linda Phan, so he felt having a $2.3 million mansion is not a bad investment. No more worrying about mortgage rates and Of course, Scott is very hands-on with the property’s renovations so you can expect the end product to be fantastic and hopefully we may see it on an episode of his show.


Jonathan Scott is the brother of the previously mentioned Drew Scott and he is also a star on the show, Property Brothers. When they sought out to build their dream mansion in Las Vegas, they surely didn’t hold back when it came to decorations and renovations including roof repairs and flooring. The mansions as a guesthouse, swimming pool, pool house, outdoor theater, and a sports center. The house is estimated to be worth more than $10 million once it was finished. The Insurance company will hope nothing happens to this mansion ever!


Diagnosed of breast cancer in 2006, Sheryl Crow moved to her Nashville home to ponder her options. The mansion sits on a 50 acres land, and boast a square-foot of 10,264. Cancer or no cancer the famous singer knows plenty about investments. The house features fireplaces, wood panels, a barn with a recording studio, and a saloon in it. There is also a piano room, swimming pool complete with a spa and waterfalls, as well as an additional house for staff or guests. Oh, and did we mention that the famous singer even has a church in her yard? Yep, you can buy anything if you’ve got loads of money. With all this feature, a home insurance is not a bad idea!


The Entourage star knows the right channel for his investment money as he purchased a $6.8-million real estate property which offers breathtaking panoramic views of L.A., a master suite with a fireplace and soaking tub, marble-wood kitchen, floating bookshelf, and much more. The outside of the 4,800-square-foot property features a spectacular infinity edge pool, spa, and a sunken fire pit. The Entourage star must have tons of earnings indeed to afford the sky-high home insurance.


For this guy, just buying a mansion is just not enough. So, the Titanic crooner bought himself an island. The 104 acres island that’s registered as Belize’s Blackadore Caye. Turning the place into an eco-resort might cost millions but with the kind of money DiCaprio sits on, it his nothing to his bank balance. The island can host up to 36 residential homes and 36 villas. The island is presently being sold for $5 million. All things in the place from the cars to the food would be eco-friendly. The security system of the island will be something else! Same as the insurance.


This will shock you! John Travolta has an airport in his compound. It takes a very heavy credit card to pull that off! The home/airport is valued at $12 million, the face-off actor’s net worth stands at a whooping $160, the mansion features a long landing strip, airplane hangars, pools and a golf course. Airport in a compound? Let’s not talk about his home insurance


This German-American actress, is famous for her roles in blockbuster films such as Troy and Inglourious Basterds, she recently scooped the Cannes Film Festival award for best actress. So, since we’ve determined that her net worth is on the rise, you shouldn’t be surprised that the newly single actress dropped over $4.2 million for a trendy, eco-friendly apartment in the popular Tribeca neighborhood of Downtown NY. The 1,943 square feet loft includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a custom kitchen, open-floor living and dining rooms, huge walk-in closet, and an office. Her home insurance will not be a problem judging by her heavy credit-card


Known for his role as Spiderman the actor is the owner of a new modern house in West Hollywood valued at $3.375 million. The 3,258-square-foot property is a unique combination of wood and glass, and it features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a contemporary kitchen, dining room with breakfast bar, huge living room with glass walls, and a 48-foot-long swimming pool with salt water. What’s his net worth again? Not important, as this guy will not be hiring a bankruptcy lawyer anytime soon if he continues with this investment policies.


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the proud owner of two luxury houses – one in Wisconsin, which he uses in-season, and one in Del Mar, San Diego, where he grew up. The $8-million estate includes six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a big swimming pool with Jacuzzi in the backyard, full spa with sauna, beauty salon, basketball court, football field, gym, gaming room, and a cinema. If it weren’t for the high property insurance rates, we could totally see ourselves buying such a house. OK, we would probably need a huge loan first.


The 42-year-old musician, is best-known for being the drummer in the band Blink 182, but he also has a thing for real estate investments. Even though he already owns a considerably bigger house in Calabasas, California, he invested $2.825 million in another one, a somewhat smaller villa in the same area. The 7,196-square-foot property consists of five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a fitness room, walk-in closet, family room, home theater, outdoor and indoor fireplace, swimming pool, spa surrounded by columns, and a fountain. With this kind of investments, you are sure to be on the beneficial end of mortgage troubles.


American singer and dancer, Ciara lives with her husband Russell Wilson, and their daughter in a 10,700-square-foot mansion in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Bay. Aside from the amazing views of Lake Washington, the $6.7-million real estate comes with seven bedrooms and as many bathrooms, spiral staircases, a huge chandelier in the entrance hall, walk-in closets, a sizable wine cellar, theater room, and a dock by the lake. With Ciara’s $20-million net worth, it’s probably Russel who tackles the property insurance bills, but the singer could still afford an investment of this size.


Fitness guru Jillian Michaels bought a Malibu real estate for $6.62 million back in 2010. The 3,157-square-foot luxury mansion consists of three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large car garage. Every room boasts sweeping ocean views, while the glass-walled living room and dining room come complete with a wide terrace, and top-notch security system. However, Jillian recently decided to list her home for sale. And she is willing to part ways with her investment for $8.775 million.


A formal drug addict, been to rehab and suffered a divorce, Robert went through it all. That said, we are not surprised at all that the Iron Man star decided to slow down a bit by picking a family oriented, fun, and whimsy home on East Hamptons. At least he doesn’t have to go through the hassle of mortgages. The building Spreads over four acres of land, the “Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage” features the main house complete with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, as well as a library and an office, while the guest house has two bedrooms. Furthermore, the property boasts a massive pool, tennis court, 3-car garage, and a studio. Insurance money will not be a problem for the A-list actor!


American actress/singer shelled out $1.7 million on a property in Studio City, LA, so we may assume that her credit card is loaded. The 3,618-square-foot Mediterranean villa boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms, an open floor plan for the living and dining rooms, a luxurious master suite with a fireplace, and a private bathroom with jetted tub and a double sink. The outside space is not as big, but it has a small swimming pool with salt water and a cabana. We wouldn’t want to be in Hale’s shoes when the house insurance bill arrives.


Liam Hemsworth, paid a whopping $6.8 million for his Malibu mansion. The property is 1,980 in square-foot and has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, combined living and dining room with a fireplace, a recording/writing studio, and a gallery. Outside, there is a multi-level deck and a gorgeous swimming pool. This modern estate reflects the spirit of the city: concrete and wood, large numerous windows, and a spacious lawn. The Hunger Games star sure knows where to put his investment money. I bet his insurance company is happy with the purchase


This 20year old actress is a perfect example for many girls of her age to follow. At a very young age she has stopped thinking about mortgages and loans because she invested her money wisely. The actress/model has numerous real estate investments but the latest property added to her already impressive portfolio is the 5,600-square-foot mansion worth around $3.4 million. In addition to five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the pad includes a large master bath complete with a Jacuzzi tub, while on the outside, there is a pool, spa, and a waterfall.


Julianne Hough is an American dancer, singer and actress. With a $10 network she has decided to run away from mortgages and buy prime real estate investments. The property offers four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and 2,101 square feet of living space. Julianne and her husband, Brooks Laich have plenty of space to relax in and feel at home.


This woman is not only beautiful but smart. She is an author, businesswomen, actress, songwriter, and singer. Can you beat that! If you ever had any doubts about Hillary Duff’s lifestyle, just take a look at her drop-dead-gorgeous Mediterranean-style mansion, and you won’t, ever again. Sitting on nearly half an acre of land, this 9,277-square-foot luxury property is complete with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a game room, and a cognac room. Of course, there is also a massive swimming pool and three garages. You don’t tell her about investments, she tells you! Do we even need to mention its steep home insurance or high-tech security system?


This English singer, songwriter, and actor decided to get a mansion in Hollywood Hills like most of his colleagues. With a $50 net worth, Harry’s credit card is heavy enough to live in this sophisticated arear. He paid $6.87 million for the property. only to list it for whopping $8.5 million a year later. Besides an excellent security system, which is a must for such homes, the property features a gym, hot tub, screening room, swimming pool, and a spa. We can’t help but wonder just how huge the home insurance premiums must be for such a mansion.


When we accidentally bumped into Bella Thorne’s real estate portfolio, we must admit that we had to check her age again. Yep, she just got out of her teens, and yet she already owns a $2-million deluxe mansion located in Sherman Oaks. The 6-bedroom, 6-bath traditional estate boasts 4,500 square feet of living space, a wine room, fireplace, walk-in closet, and a top-notch security system. And talking about the outside of the property, there is a swimming pool, spa, bar, and much more. For her age, we must commend her investment skills!


You don’t expect the richest black woman in the world not to live a life of luxury. The media Mogul and billionaire is a lot of things, but mediocre isn’t one of them. With an estimated net worth of $3 billion and many real-estate investments, an average lifestyle might be a difficult feat to accomplish. Winfrey’s property craze led her to make a $50-million purchase, yeah, you heard right, $50 million! The $23,000-square-foot mansion is her haven and her modifications alone increased its value to $165 million! Every insurance company would want to have a client like her.


Celebrity couple Tom and Gisele acquired a $20-million home that is a representation of their combined earnings. The 22,000-square-foot home is pure architectural gold and has been featured in Architectural Digest and In Style magazine. The house operates on gray-water technology for irrigation as well as photovoltaic solar panels. Wow! To have a home like this, your credit card must run in 6-figures. The couple’s insurance company must be over the moon.


Petra is a British-born heiress, model, fashion designer and socialite. She enlisted mansion for $200 million mansion recently. Petra got the mansion for $85 back in 2011 from Candy Spelling. The model didn’t use a credit card but rather bought the home named The Manor in cash. Although she paid $85 million for the property but additional renovations made on the property mean she has shelled out more than$85 for the Manor. Imagine the insurance on this property!


When you hear Basketball, the next person that comes to mind is this guy. He is arguably the greatest B. Baller of all times. This guy made a fortune during his playing career and his current endorsement of jaw-dropping, this guy oozes luxury! Jordan’s $15-million Chicago home comes complete with nine bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, huge gym, wine cellar, and a wooden lux mancave for recreation. The outside is just as spectacular, too. Our own mortgage wouldn’t be enough to cover his home insurance.


If I tell you his age and net worth of this guy, you may not believe me. Justin is just 24 but his bank account looks like 60 years old of hard work and investments! With a history of canceling events just to have some private time, it’s surprising that Justin Bieber’s choice for a home is a 6,500-square-feet glass house that allows you to see everything going on inside from every possible angle. The property is estimated to cost $60K a month in rent payments and has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 7-car garage, and gorgeous infinity pool. With his earnings and estimated net worth of $200 million, home insurance money should not be a problem.


This music goddess boasts of an unselfish lifestyle uncommon among people of her caliber. She takes credit for a few charity related functions, which surprisingly do not stifle her eccentric personality. Rihanna’s tropical Barbie dream house may be a little pricey in maintenance and home insurance payments, but it suits the singer just fine. With five bedrooms and a view overlooking the Caribbean Sea, among other luxuries.


You can argue all you want, but this two are by far the most popular couples on the planet. With a combined net worth of almost $1 billion, they can afford almost everything money can buy. Queen B and Jay Z’s $45-million LA property is a testament to this fact. Considering they exist in a world where the concept of “mortgage” and “refinance a home” are alien, it is easy to see why allegations of cheating and infidelity can easily be swept under the rug. Who would want a divorce when they have a 14-room home with an aquarium, nightclub, home theater, bowling alley, tennis court, swimming pools and a citrus orchard. The insurance of this property will be over the roof, but hey! Money is not a problem for these guys.


Hefner was an American magazine publisher and life-stylist. He was founder and editor-in-chief of playboy magazine. Unfortunately, he was away in 2017 at age 91 leaving behind an abundance of wealth and investments for his children. His play-boy mansion boasts of round-the-clock staff as well as an underground cellar, screening room, game room, gym, spa, three zoos, photography studios, waterfall, and three fully grown forest. The thought of property insurance for an estate of this size would likely make us cringe.


known for her legendary acting skills, Jane Fonda who has also ventured into other areas as well. In fact, she has her own personal flair for design. To have an outlet for her creativity, she went for her 7,102-square-foot mansion. Now, the proud owner of this Beverly Hills home is certainly taking her time decorating it. The place has seven bathrooms, a giant walk-in closet, four bedrooms, a glass elevator, an office surrounded by trees and a sound security system. Outside, the view is serene from her outdoor living room, deck with a fire pit, and solar-heated pool. Her insurance money will be over the roof!


Being married with kids makes your housing demands expensive. Not for this guy! In 2017, the famous actor dropped $16.645 million on a lavish Brooklyn condo, if you credit card permits you to spend that much! Why not? marking him as the man who made the most expensive real estate purchase in the city. The three-unit pad is over 6,000-square-foot big, with six bedrooms, a kid’s playroom, its own gym, wooden floors, a good security system, and other amenities. It is said that Damon and his family might move to Australia though, and what’s going to happen to this baby?


Schnabel is just 23 and already living like a king. the young star of the reality TV show The Gold Rush became a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $3 million after mining gold. After making so much money, he decided to invest in some real estate, and bought himself a beautiful mansion in Alaska, which is fully equipped with 4 suites, 2 swimming pools, and 12 spacious rooms. Real estate investment is always a wise investment plan


Christopher Ashton Kutcher is an American actor and investor. He began his career by portraying Michael Kelso in the Fox sitcom that 70’s show. Him and his wife might be a young couple but they are way behind their days in Eric’s basement. Now married with two kids to think about, the couple splurged on a $10-million 3-bedroom home in Beverly Hills to accommodate their rapidly growing family. The couple’s money management principles must be telling them that one-time purchases of this kind are a great investment in the long run.


television producer Beth Chapman and her husband, bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman, are known for their modest yet opulent lifestyle. The couple opted for real estate investment when they purchased a mansion in Hawaii after they got married. Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman have had a committed relationship years before they decided to get married and what better way to start their life together than on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! They took a break from bounty hunting after Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer.


This couple are a perfect example of true love as they prove that love lasts forever and even after being married since 1996, the country music stars are still in love with each other. In 2003, the couple decided to buy a little piece of heaven in the Bahamas for their family of five. Starting from the ground, the mansion took years to finish, including bringing in electricity and water! The whole reconstruction was only finalized in 2012. The property includes eight interconnected pavilions with outdoor passages between them, showing that they have such great taste. Home insurance is a must for this kind of property!


Naomi Campbell is certainly not a model for everybody, she is a model with class and wealth. Although she’s earned a lot of money during her career, it sure doesn’t hurt dating someone who is a billionaire. Russian business mogul Vladislav Doronin decided to treat his girlfriend for her 41st birthday with a gorgeous $390-million mansion on the island named the Eye of Horus in Turkey. The vacation house has 25 rooms, and it is the only house on the island. Doronin who knows plenty about real estate investments probably didn’t feel the burden of this birthday present with his net worth estimated at $1 billion. The insurance money of this property will shock you!


Peyton Manning Williams is a former American football quarterback who played an incredible 18 seasons in the National football league. Also known as “the Sheriff,” this NFL star lives in Denver’s Chevy Hills Village in a stunning Georgian mansion worth $4.57 million. Not a bad investment for a retired baller! The 16,464 square feet house has seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, an entertainment room, wine cellar, and an enormous garage. There are a few features of the house you do not see every day, like a dog room and a “safe” room, all guarded by a state-of-the-art home security system.

Marshawn Lynch – $3.3, Richmond

Lynch decided to buy himself an amazing 7000-square-foot mansion in Richmond. The building has a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay, the athlete has the most extravagant home among the NFL players. The home of the professional athlete and American footballer has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a boat dock, home theatre, and even an elevator. Lynch secured a nice and serene place for resting, so he doesn’t worry about mortgage troubles when he retires. The property was purchased in 2012 for an estimated price of $3.3 million. This guy definitely knows where to put his investment money!


When it comes to Hollywood, Drew Barrymore has been one of the standout actresses in recent times. She takes credit for a lot of memorable roles in Hollywood. However, her private life has not been as spotless and gloomy as her career. After she decided to file for a divorce for the third time, from art consultant Will Kopelman, the popular actress listed their home for sale as advised by the divorce lawyer. The luxurious structure located in California real estate cost $7.5 million.


The singer shelled out $12.525 million for a 9,080-square-foot property in Miami back in 2007. In 2013, he enlisted the property for sale for a cool $16.8 million, and since then, the real estate was on and off the market and the singer almost changed his investment plans. However, in 2016 it was finally sold for $10.999 million. In addition to five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and sweeping views, the new owner gets to enjoy a movie theater, gym, Italian kitchen, modern art pieces, and furniture. Outside, there is a gorgeous pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor kitchen, and a 7-car parking space. The new owner will have to shell out a huge insurance money for a structure of this size.


Kate Hudson bought a house in the Pacific Palisades right next to the house she currently stays in. The Hollywood actress paid a huge sum of money, about $5.3 million for the new property. Her new posh building has a spa, pool, five bedrooms, movie theater, indoor water park and six bathrooms. What we are not certain of is if the new elegant property is supposed to be a guest house or if the actress would leave the old place for the new. In any case, Katy has no business with mortgage rates as her real estate investments are numerous.


In 2016, Scarlett Johanson bought a mansion in LA. For a reported $4 million. The 3,500-square-foot mansion came with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a walk-in closet, fireplace, and an open floor plan with a kitchen, among other things. There is also a massive swimming pool, spa, cabana, and more than enough space for Scarlett’s baby girl. And don’t you worry about huge house insurance or security system as the box office superstar has more than enough money sitting in her bank account to cover them.


This music legend deserves all the finest things in the world with her enduring legacy and jaw dropping net worth. She created her Bahamian-style paradise and built herself a water-park mansion in Florida. With a net worth of $380, its little wonder she can afford this kind of luxury. The 10,000 square feet property has a pool, a man-made river, water slides, and a good security system. At $65 million, the 8-bedroom house with a beach view has amazing dinning areas, media room, game room, and so much more. This properties home insurance has to be weighty


Barry Weiss net worth stands at $10 million so it’s not a surprise that real estate investment was part of his investment plans. Reports say he spent around $1.8 million for the four-bedroom Beverly Hills property. The neighborhood he lives in, Laughlin Park, is home to numerous high-profile names in the country.


With a net worth of around $183 million, Nicole Kidman can no doubt afford a life of luxury. The academy award winner owns countless assets, including yachts and real estate investments. Among the various properties that she owns, you can find a $4.7 million mansion located in Beverly Hills, another $6.5 million Southern Highlands mansion, and a farmhouse located in Australia which she acquired for $4.8 million. She bought the farmhouse in 2008, not long before she delivered her baby girl. She certainly knows how to channel her investment money


The fighter shuffles his time between two continents as he owns a house in Dublin, Ireland, and the US. The UFC champ rented a luxurious 12,000-squrae-foot mansion in Las Vegas for $1 Million a year. “Mac Mansion,” as he likes to call it, features six bedrooms and four bathrooms, a full gym, sauna, game room, cinema, an office, and even an elevator. Outside, there are numerous waterfalls and a 50-foot infinity pool with a luxury spa complemented by a view of Las Vegas and surrounding mountains. Athletes may be known for their lavish spending but this guy’s financial adviser is doing a great job in making sure his investments are intact in case of a rainy day.


The American model swapped a stunning $4 million apartment in Noho, New York City. The 2,085-square-foot loft includes two bedrooms and three bathrooms, a modern kitchen, and high ceilings with contemporary, sleek design in neutral colors. This apartment not only fits Gigi’s refined style but also her bank account balance. So, house insurance rate and mortgage hassle are not one of her worries. Her dad is a real estate developer so, Gigi must know plenty about investments.


Liddell is an American UFC champ who hung his gloves few years ago. Liddell earned enough money during his fighting days to plan his retirement anyway he wants. Seeking for peace and relaxation the fighter got himself an amazing 5,000 square foot Hidden Hill mansion. Not bad for an investment plan! The legendary MMA fighter has many famous neighbors, like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. The house features a spa, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a library, and an office. This guy definitely knows how to live like a champ. But is home insurance might be a worrying sum!


Josh Hutcherson, best known for his role in the Hunger games, purchased a tree-house in Hollywood Hills, formally owned by Ellen DeGeneres. Her got the home for $2.5 million. He is only 26, and he already has an investment that everyone of his dreams of. This “one-with-nature,” 1,821-square-foot house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room with a barbecue, movie room, and built-in security system. We hope the actor didn’t forget about fire coverage insurance when picking up a wood house.


Popular writer Judd Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann purchased a 1930’s Malibu mansion from the late director Laura Ziskin in 2013. Few years later the couple decided to place their home on the market, hoping to cash in on their investment for the price of $12 million. The house has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The property wasn’t on the market for long as it was sold for $11.5 million, However, with a credit card that runs in six figures they sure have enough money not to worry about getting their desired profit.


Celebrities are known for purchasing expensive houses, cars, and cloths and Halle Berry is not an exception. However, unlike her colleagues who jump from place to place, Berry prefers to stay in her Malibu beach house – which she did for almost 13 years. It’s certainly a dream come true and we’re of the opinion that it now has a sentimental value to Berry. The mansion measures over 5,000 square feet with its own access to the beach. It has five baths, four bedrooms, Jacuzzi, and spa. We’re sure her property has an excellent house insurance. She must have a good financial adviser to have held on to her property for 13 years.