Take A Look At These Stunning Celebrity Houses That You Might Be Dreaming Of


Hugh Marston Hefner was an American magazine publisher; he was the founder and editor in chief of Playboy magazine. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 91on September 27, 2017, leaving behind an abundance of wealth and investments for his children. Hefner’s home was known as the Playboy mansion, it was put on the market for a colossal amount of $200 million.

Later it was sold for a lesser amount yet a hefty amount of $100 million for a private equity firm Metropoulos &co. The $100 million mansion possesses round-the-clock staff as well as an underground cellar, screening room, game room, gym, spa, three zoos, photography studios, waterfall, and three fully grown forests. The thought of property insurance for an estate of this size would likely make us cringe.


The power couple is unarguably by far the most popular couple on this planet. The couple has a combined net worth of $1 billion with some great investments like Uber. With such a net worth they can afford almost everything that money can buy. Queen b and jay-z $45 million property in LA is a testament to this fact.

Even though the couple has star-studded careers, the marriage hasn’t been happy ever after, as Jay –z had opened up about him cheating on Beyonce. Yet this doesn’t separate them as who would want to divorce when they have a fourteen room home with an aquarium, night club, home theatre, bowling alley, tennis court, swimming pool, and citrus orchard. With such an amazing financial portfolio the concept of “mortgage” and “refinance a home” are alien to them. The insurance of this property may be off the charts, but hey! Money is not a problem for these guys.


Any girl who wants is a fashion model looking up to her – Kimrao Lees Simmons. Rose to fame after featuring as a judge in America’s next top model in 2003, her exorbitant life is at its best along with her hubby.

She is all set to be the owner of a Beverly park home. Designed in Mediterranean style the splendid mansion secures its majesty with seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a double curved staircases, a marble floor, a swimming pool with a spa, and a tennis court.


Pharrell Williams is famously known for his singing and song writing skills. Pharrell Williams disbursed $12.525 million for a massive 9080 square feet penthouse in Miami Florida back in 2007. The singer may have had a change of plans on his investments as he put his immaculate property on the market for a whopping $16.8 million.

However, the first attempt to sell the penthouse for $16 million did not succeed, so he had finally sold it for $10.999 million. The new owner of the Miami penthouse will reap the benefits as the property consists of five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, breathtaking views, and also a movie theater, gym, Italian kitchen, modern art pieces, and furniture that came along with the condo. In addition to that, there is a plot of land outside that features a gorgeous pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor kitchen, and 7 car parking spaces. The new owner will have to shell out huge insurance money for a structure of this size.


Angelina Jolie is a stunning American actress who is world-renowned for her acting skills, which has brought her numerous accolades. This gorgeous woman oozes luxury as she had decided to treat herself to a $24.5 million mansion formerly owned by Cecil B.

The mansion resides in Laughlin Park with the star-studded community. The beautiful home comes with 6 bedrooms, a modern kitchen, and a large dining area, and a pool we should expect that the property of this magnitude will have a top-notch security system. The insurance company of Angelina will pray that this property stays safe and sound.


Vanna White is a TV personality and the Hostess of the show wheel of fortune since 1982. The gorgeous host used to live in a beautiful Tuscan style home in Beverly Hills. Sadly she chose to part ways with the property as she enlisted it in the market for a jaw-dropping price tag of $47.5 million.

Now you know why she has made this list. We have yet to know what the reason for this decision is, bankruptcy may have enforced her.


The term “extravaganza” is not alien to many Hollywood stars and Robbie William is not an exception in that regard. However, this star took a step further when he decided to buy a whole building in West London.

The mansion cost him $17 million. With 46 rooms, it took three years to complete the renovations of the property. But still worth a peak, giving off a California-casual vibe.
Jared Leto


The beautiful couple had bought a lavish mansion for a net worth of $22 million back in 2012. The posh property resides in Bel air which stretches across 3.5 acres of land.

The gorgeous house was renovated to feature a 1600 square foot wine cellar, a 952k Korean clay room, spa, and tree house that is 1000 square feet in size and it also includes a built-in entertainment system. Besides, it has a good security system and home insurance. Justin and Jennifer have made a little haven for themselves.


The actress in the High school Musical film, purchased her first house spending a lot of money around $2.7Million in California. Decorated in Tuscan and Moroccan style, this property is a cynosure of all the passers-by in the city. It includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a posh entry hall with curved stairways, a family room, and a wine cellar.

Even the outside of the house adds more color with the presence of a saline water swimming pool, spa, large barbecue area, and a cabana. But one thing that we are vague about is that the financial advisor’s decision upon the purchase of this property as this is huge money for the first house.


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the world’s highest-paid actress known for starring in some blockbuster movies. Jennifer shelled out $8 million on Beverly Hills home. The cost of this could be worth it as the entire estate is walled providing Jennifer with great privacy.

All of Jennifer’s hard work is paid off with a home like this, as the stunning mansion features five bedrooms, decorated with French elegance, a lap pool located in a hidden backyard surrounded by green plants. Also, the property spans over 5,600 square feet. For a property of this class, home insurance would be essential as you may never know what will happen next.


This Nightingale can afford for any luxuries in this world you name. This legendary singer’s beautiful mansion is located in Florida with a Bahamian – style. With 10,000 square feet, this water-park mansion has a pool, a man-made river, water slides, and a good security system.

This mansion is quite exorbitant as she spent around 65 million for the house with 8 bedrooms, amazing dining areas, a game room, a media room, and the list goes on. Taking all these features of the properties considered, we can assure you that her insurance cover must be a big money.


The former beauty queen- turned actress has been living in her Malibu house for 13 years.On the contrary to many other Hollywood stars, this one is quite capable of managing her finance.

The 5000-square- foot mansion has five baths, four bedrooms, a Jacuzzi, and a spa.We suppose that she must have had great support from the financial adviser in deciding the insurance cover.


Tom Selleck is an American TV star who starred in numerous TV series and movies. Tom Selleck chooses to stay away from the masses and has a thing for nature, as he lives in a 65-acre ranch in Ventura California, with over 1500 native trees.

The reason behind this purchase could be understood from the statement he made to the magazine “I work hard and I walk around”. “I like to watch things develop. This is a retreat”. Before Selleck’s purchase, the property had changed hands various times. The 1930s built property was previously owned by Dean Martina and then sold to car dealer Fletcher Jones for approximately $250,000. And finally, it was thought to be purchased for a hefty amount of $5 million by Tom Selleck in 1988.


The late-night show hosts live in a gorgeous Greenwich Village with a cost of $7millon. This man surely has a great sense of taste when it comes to houses as the $7 million property has a stunning view of the empire state building and the Hudson River featuring more than 30 windows.

The posh property is 3000 square feet in size and has 2 stories. This guy has a great knack for real estate investments as the property may come in handy when he chooses to retire.


The $3.8 million mansion in California have been owned by some big names such as George Harrison who was the lead guitarist of the iconic band Beatles. After that, it was owned by the famous actress Charlize Theron from 2009 to 2013.

Initially, the beautiful mansion was thought to be bought for $4.6 million by Charlize Theron, but when she decided to put it on the market, it was enlisted for a lesser amount of $3.8 million. Even though Charlize Theron may have incurred a loss from the sale of the property, she is not anywhere closer to bankruptcy as her bank account is stacked.


Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, actress, and businesswoman. Rihanna is world-renowned for her music. The music goddess lives an unselfish lifestyle uncommon to people of her class, as she has contributed to different charity organizations with plenty of money.

Rihanna’s home in Barbados is rather fancy, as the tropical Barbie dream house costs about $22 million. The house is expensive and the cost of maintenance and insurance are over the roof. But it suits the singer just fine and the money may not be a problem for the millionaire. The mansion features five bedrooms and a serene view overlooking the Caribbean Sea among other luxuries.


When you’ve been in blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean, Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and Sweeney Todd, then you know you’re loaded enough to buy some extravagant things. Such things include a 37-acre property in France as a personal resort.

When Johnny Depp bought his land in the village of Le Plan-de-la-Tour, he knew exactly what he was going to do with it: Transform a 10,760-square-foot abode on it boasting 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms several guest cottages, a staff house, and a garage. He has it listed for sale at an impressive price of $63 million.


Naomi Campbell was discovered at the age of 15 as an English model in the 1980s. Naomi Campbell is not a model for everybody. She is a model with class and wealth. Naomi Campbell owns a massive mansion worth $390 million, which was gifted for her 41st birthday by her billionaire boyfriend.

Russian business mogul Vladislav Doronin is a real estate developer, quite well knows about luxurious properties, decided to treat his girlfriend to a lavish mansion knows as the Eye of the Horus in turkey, which is an island vacation home. The grandeur mansion features 25 rooms and it’s the only house on the island. Doronin with a net over $1 billion certainly did not feel the burden of this birthday gift. The insurance money for this place may startle you!


Taylor is world-renowned for her music and she has several accolades to her name. The talented singer has made numerous real estate investments, as she has spent over $40 million on acquiring various homes. The singer would have no issues with spending this sort of money as she has amassed a net worth of $250 million.

Out of all the property she owns the singer’s most treasured property is the $17 million “beach house” in Rhode Island. The 1000 square foot property resides in the highest point of watch hill. The 27-year-olds knowledge of investments should be appreciated as she may yield great dividends in the future.


Patrick Dempsey is an American actor who is best known for his role as Derek “Mc Dreamy” Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy”. Patrick had acquired a 5-acre property for a whopping net worth of $14.5 million in Malibu back in 2001. The actor’s home was remodeled as it has an Airstream trailer in the middle of his garden filled, with perfect inner flooring.

Patrick may have renovated this way as he may have taken thought of creating a home-like Mc Dreamy’s. With this type of property, this guy’s credit card will run in 6 figures.


Harvey Weinstein is an American film producer. Harvey Weinstein shares a mansion with his wife Georgina Chapman for a net worth of $12.4 million in Amagansett, Newyork. The gorgeous mansion may be on the brink of sale as Georgina has filed divorce on Harvey Weinstein due to various allegations of him being a sex offender.

Considering their combined net worth of $170 million and other prime real estate investments, the former couple might have had an excellent financial adviser. Pondering about their divorce we have yet to know their divorce attorney.


Drew Scott bought a $2.3 million house in Los Angeles, California. As the TV star is getting ready to be married to his fiancée Linda Phan, he has made a investment for the future as he’s creating a family.

Drew Scott is recognized for starring in the home renovation show, property brothers, so you can hope that he may have full hands on approach on his new house, so the end result of his home could be fantastic.


Jonathan Scott is a Canadian television personality. Jonathon is also the brother of the previously mentioned Drew Scott. Jonathon starred along with his brother on the TV show property brothers. The TV star is no stranger when it comes to renovating and decorating homes, as he and his brother didn’t hold back on their dream home which is located in Las Vegas.

The beautiful mansion is estimated to have a cost of $10 million after construction has finished. The property is said to feature a guest house, swimming pool, pool house, outdoor theater, and a sports center. The insurance company of Jonathon will hope that nothing happens to this property.


Sheryl Crow has been battling throat cancer since 2006. The American singer had moved back to her Nashville home that she had acquired for $6million. Even though, the singer is battling cancer that hasn’t stopped her from making great investment choices.

Sheryl Crow property in Nashville stretches across 50 acres of land, boasting a square foot of 10,264. The eye-catching home features fireplaces, wood panels, a barn with a recording studio, and a saloon in it. Furthermore, there is also a piano room, swimming pool complete with a spa and waterfalls, as well as an extra house for staff and guests. The statement money could buy anything could be true in Sheryl’s case, as would you believe that she has her own church in her yard. With all these amenities home insurance could be a good choice.


Jeremy Piven is an American actor, who is well known for his role in the series Entourage, from which he won a golden globe. The Entourage star has quite the wits for investments as he purchased a $6.8 million real estate property in Hollywood hills LA.

The lavish mansion is 4800 square feet in size with breathtaking panoramic views of La. It also features a master suite with a fireplace and a soaking tub, marble-wood kitchen, floating bookshelf, and much more. Besides, the outside comprises a spectacular infinity-edge pool, spa, and sunken fire pit. The home insurance of this place must be something special, but it may not be an issue for this Entourage star as he might have tons of earnings that he accumulated from his illustrious career.


Leonardo Dicaprio is an academy award winning actor who has played the lead role in several brilliant movies. Dicaprio is a character unlike others, he doesn’t just a buy a house, he goes ahead and buys a whole damn island.

Dicaprio shelled out $1.7 million on a 104 acre island known as the Belize Blackadore Caye. Dicaprio recently put the island on the market for a stunning $5 million. Dicaprio had changed the place into an Eco resort that might have cost millions of dollars, but considering the bank balance of Dicaprio this cost will have nothing on him. The 104 acre island can host up to 36 residential homes and 36 villas. Dicaprio wants everything on the island to be eco-friendly from the food to the cars. The security system on this place will be something special same as the insurance.


John Travolta rose to fame during the 1970s appearing on a television sitcom. The handsome actor stands at a net worth of $160 million. This man oozes luxury as he had bought a $12 million mansion that has its own Airport!

Considering the airport on a compound let’s leave insurance cost out of the conversation. The $12 million home comprises a long Landing strip, Airplane hangars, pool, and a golf course.


With an investment of $20 million this comedian a beautiful mansion in Hollywood Hills. To everyone’s surprise, he made his mind to uplift the standard of the property making himself spend more $millions. However, with the new modifications, the new house stands tall.

It is wrong to say that the newly modified property is the epitome of being luxurious with 32 rooms in total indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa, tennis court, and a huge guest house. This investment would be at a share for bankruptcy if he hadn’t had enough finance to support.


Diane Kruger is a gorgeous actress who has starred in hit war movies such as Troy, inglorious basterds. Diane Kruger has several accolades to her name and one of her proven achievements is when she scooped the best actress award at the Cannes film festival.

The film star has a sturdy net worth of $20 million, with such a financial portfolio, you shouldn’t be amazed when we tell you that she shelled out $4.2 million on a mansion in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood of Downtown, Newyork. The eye-pleasing loft includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a custom kitchen, open floor living, and dining rooms, a huge walk-in closet, and an office. The apartment also has plenty of space with a size of 1943 square feet. Judging by how heavy her credit card is, we don’t think insurance costs will be a concern for her.


Tobey Maguire Is widely recognized for starring in the first Spiderman movie series. The Hollywood actor had made some great real estate investments, and with his fine money managing principles, we don’t think he will have any issues with bankruptcy.

Tobey had bought a new modern house in West Hollywood at a value of $3.375 million. The fabulous mansion has a wide list of amenities as it has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a contemporary kitchen, a dining room with a breakfast bar, a huge living room, a glass wall, and a 48-foot long swimming pool with saltwater. Pondering about all the features of the home Tobey surely has a great sense of taste when it comes to properties.


This legendary music producer was the epitome of being prudent when he decided to invest in real estate. His net worth stands at $10 million so there is no surprise for his fans about his event plans are like.

According to sources he has purchased a four-bedroom property for around $1.8million. No wonder that the location of this property is so beautiful as it is a neighborhood with much high profile names in the country.


Bruce Dallas Howard needs no introduction as she is the daughter of the popular actor Ron Howard. Since her husband Seth Gabel was so interested in the property, they both decided to buy a Mediterranean style house in 2006.

And this beautiful mansion cost the actress $2.92 million; however, it was not until only a few years passed the actress decided to sell the property at a low price of $2.35million. Since their combined bank account would still run in millions they didn’t worry about damaging less when purchasing a new house.


After the separation of his marriage spanned over 10years this superstar next felling his beautiful apartment in Nashville. The couple co-owned property with five bedrooms inspired by various decorations that belonged to different eras.

Under the supervision of their divorce lawyers, the couple enlisted the house for sale for $3million. Later he built another house embedded with Hawaiian style for his new lady Gwen Stefani.


This fabulous reality TV presenter and fashion designer made her mind to sell her pacific Palisades apartment in California for $5.2million. The property was luxurious featuring five bedrooms, five bathrooms, two terraces, and a good security system.

Built-in a Mediterranean style- she found no difficulty to find a buyer for this 5900-Square- foot property and finally it went on to a hand for $4.9million. Consequently, it was such a tiny relief for her as far as the property was concerned.


Undoubtedly Katy Perry is one of the most popular stars today.Her splendid property is astounding as her property .Styled in a Mediterranean way her villa 1, LA boasts the features of five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge closet room, and a gorgeous view with a pool which completely resembles a place like-lagoon.

She doesn’t have to worry about her investments, as her credit card balance is skyrocketing. Even her net wort shows what an affluent star she is as she finds a devoid of risks in bankruptcy.


Having gone through many controversies , she has hardly had a comfortable life.However she has mastered one thing : investing her own money.13,264-square- feet mansion in California and to our surprise it is completely pure in gold resembles a gorgeous Italian villa.

This $9 million real estate has a breathtakingly beautiful garden and a fountain.


He is the one who stole all the stars thunder in the movie, Thor. This gifted actor lives in a mansion worth around $7 Million in Byron Bay. In addition to its awe-inspiring appearance, the family has spent $8 million for revamping the property.

When it comes to its features, eleven bathrooms, and eight bedrooms along with seaside private access, a lagoon pool, and. a security system. Most importantly this star doesn’t have to worry about mortgage payments as his dad is all there to sort it out.


George and Amal Clooney purchased Berkshire mansion in 2004 and since then they have been along with their twins living there. The mansion was quite exorbitant. Yes! You heard it right.

They purchased it for around $20 Million though it looks worth the price as it features a home cinema providing 12 seating spaces, a pool house, nanny quarters, subterranean irrigation system, nine bedrooms an all-weather tennis court, an outdoor playground, and a security system. However, their investment plan heavily depends on the bank account and we believe that this couple has what it takes to manage the financial factor well.


The star in the hunger games acquired a tree-house of around $2.6million in Hollywood hills compared to his age 26; he has achieved a lot in a short period. This nature-friendly 1821Sqft house has two bedrooms, a dining room with a barbecue, a movie room, and a built-in security system.

But one thing doesn’t look right, that is his tree-house which is quite prone to any fire. Therefore his insurance coverage is the top priority.


Nicknamed “Rock” this quiet superstar doesn’t need an introduction to the world of cinema and WWE. He’s such an all-rounder to prove himself in various ways. Most fans are not aware of his skills in managing finance. Honestly, he nailed that one too.

He recently purchased a 13000Sqft mansion in Florida worth around $3.4 Million. The mansion boasts seven bathrooms, six bedrooms, a fully stocked gym, 14 seated home theatres, a lush garden, and a swimming pool with a Jacuzzi.


The legendary singer lives in an amazing mansion in Beverly Hills. When it comes to financial management it seems that he has mastered it very well Even though he has been living in the same mansion since 1991. The singer has been meticulous about his children’s future without spending money willy-hilly.

Inspired by Italian relics this property has everything that it takes to call “grand”. With 17000 Square feet, the property features six bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a music studio, a swimming pool, and four garages. If he is to sell the property even today, no wonder that the investment will make money three times bigger than the actual price


Unsurprisingly Kevin Durant showers a luxuriant lifestyle as he owns a mansion in Malibu. The property is located on a privately gated street with balconies and an amazing view featuring open-plan living.

Even though the mansion was built in 1976, there have been renovations from time to time. Perhaps the insurance cover has __ up over the years. Yet we can assume that the security system of the mansion is pretty resistant..


This Charles Angels star is already to auction her beautiful property in Manhattan. Designed by Kelly Wearstler in 2015 this mansion can
Make anyone.

She expects this beautiful property to be sold for around $4.5 million. However, she now owns a $2.7 million property in LA with substantial facilities including a perfect security system.


This 90s actress who is well known for her 100watt smile and impeccable acting was set to sell her home-like beautiful property in Greenwich Village New York City. Then she Comes across this buyer who was a blessing in disguise, paid her a whopping $5.35 million.

Now this fortuitous star lives in a luxurious mansion in Malibu.Living in a mansion like this will definitely pave a way to have a big insurance cover.The lady resembles the smile of Monalisa doesn’t have to be worried abou it.


Pete Davison and Ariana Grande have always been in the headlines just because of their whirlwind romance.

The couple has moved into a new luxury property in Chelsea which features four bathrooms, a theatre, a skylight swimming pool, and a juice bar, and one can imagine the substantial insurance premium of this mansion.


Carson Palmer a former footballer called it a day from his club Arizona Cardinals. Despite the absence of his sports career, he still generates a lot of buzz in his fans with his credit card.

He can still afford the 8000 square-foot Del Mar house that cost the athlete $24 million. This splendid property boasts eight bathrooms six bedrooms and a kitchen.


Even though Tiger Woods has gone through many controversies no one can argue that his financial stability racked up being a successful golfer. His real estate property located in Florida is estimated at $60 million while insurance money and security system is nothing but a dream for us.

Unsurprisingly, using a private jet and a luxury yacht has become a norm to a star like him.


This celebrity chef TV personality and the author is said to have declared to sell her real estate investment in South Hampton for $4.69 million. Featured luxuriously with a dining area living room, three bedrooms two kitchens, a pool, a buyer is all set to own this property.

Yet we wish that she could speak with her financial advisor as this mansion is out of the world.


Jase Robertson is a television personality recognized for starring in the show the duck dynasty and serves as the COO of the Duck’s commander. Jase has made a ton of money from being part of the show and has used it on wise real estate investments.

Jase and his family are living in Austin Texas now, but before this, they used to live in a 6,500 square foot property in Louisiana which was built in the 1970s. The Louisiana home featured six bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen, a media room and has an Arcadian feel to it. Jase chose to part ways with the property as he sold it for a hefty amount of $1.4 million and reinvested it on other real estates, which could be considered a good money management principle.


For us, she is Ellen DeGeneres is the most successful TV host. But the truth is that she is more than being a TV host. Simply she knows it all when it comes to investing money and now she has decided to sell her amazing 10,500-square-foot Montecito property in California.

Having lived in there with her partner Portia De Rossi this rich TV host decided to parkways with the property for an extravagant $45 million. However, finding a buyer for that budget is out of imagination therefore she has thought to reduce the price to $34.5 Million. This property does not disappoint any buyer as its site on 17 acres and it includes countless amenities like a swimming pool, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and also a media room, and a huge dining table. Her name insurance must be a walk-in park.


Investing in real estate has always been a great move by anyone. This time it is Will Smith has proved by moving to a mansion in Calabasas, California. Along with a Zip code, the mansion substantially featured a basketball court, a golf court, a tennis court, a large garage, a recording studio, a good security system, and anything you can imagine.

This property is worth around $42 Million due to its renovations.


Actress Eva Mendes is managed to sell her 1732-square-foot mansion included three bedrooms and two bathrooms. This beautiful actress decided to sell the property after the separation from her former partner George Gargurevich.

However, they had purchased the property for $584 thousand in 2002 but one buyer had to buy the house for $1.27 Million. Look! Isn’t it a smart move by the actress?


It is such a norm in Hollywood that the stars shifting from houses more often than not. Then this award-winning actress Jennifer Aniston comes to the top of the list. On various occasions, she changed her house while finding new places. In 2006 Jennifer acquired an elegant Beverly Hills mansion for $ 13.5 million.

But it was not until a few years passed she decided to display it on the market. She thought to part ways with her new investment for $42million. The breathtaking beautiful mansion features a gym, a huge garage, five bedrooms, and a high-tech security system. Again she made her mind to acquire another mansion worth $21 million After her separation from her husband in 2018.


Since she rose to a crescendo in 2011 she has become financially strong than ever before. The actress is now the owner of a 2300-square-foot cooperative apartment located in New York.

Stylized and built-in an aristocratic way no wonder that she spent $5 million on the mansion featuring nine bedrooms and a massive library, TV room, soaking tub, and five fireplaces.


Do I need to mention who she is? I don’t think so! Arguably she is one of the biggest stars in tinsel town. She is a family person and she decided to purchase a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Fort Worth.

This resort-style mansion consists of five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a luxurious home theatre, two kitchens, parking for eight cars, and a gaming room. It also has an outdoor kitchen, saltwater pool. In fact, her insurance coverage is nothing compared to her net worth.


He is a master of all trades from being a media superstar to a hip-hop entertainer to a producer. Even in the aspect of finance, he has mastered it all, owning real estate properties around the world. His recent purchase was a mansion in Beverly Hills.

This 10681-square-foot mansion has eleven bathrooms, a gym, a butler’s pantry, and of course a studio. Outside of it, have a spa, living area, sprawling lawn, pool, outdoor kitchen, double terraced patios, and a security system.


This model-turned-actress purchased a 5500-square-foot mansion in Benedict Canyon. Even though she spent $5.5 million extravagantly,

this property comes with a master suite with double closets and baths, a huge office area, gourmet chefs and open living and family rooms, and a security system.


This award-winning actor purchased his neighbor’s house for $1.3 million back in 2013. Recently he purchased another lavish-looking mansion with an amazing vintage interior decor. With a space of 2500 square feet.

No wonder that he has made countless additions to his home over the years due to his various blockbusters. In 2018 Phoenix bought another mansion in LA with his sister proves that he is a big fan of real estate investment too.


She is a true symbol of acting but also in investing money. Recently she acquired a 10000-square-foot home in LA consisting of three guest suites and family bedrooms.

Also, this real investment features a professional screening room underneath the basement, and a full gym too. Her outdoor rooms and an infinity-edged swimming pool add colors to this beautiful property. The security system is top-notch.


Any girl can go dreaming gaga in front of this actor with a chiseled jaw and green eyes. This Captain America has managed to own the 4599-square-foot mansion located in Laurel Canyon. In fact, the mansion is heaven-like featuring, a master’s bedroom, dressing room, ceiling windows, and most importantly a security system.

Some sources buzz around that Chris Evans is an ardent fan of this luxury built an open-concept kitchen too.


The well-known artist smiled through his journey. Known as Chumlee.Spending an exorbitant life is not beyond anyone’s imagination as he has enough money to own anything.

Nevertheless, Chumlee had decided to enlist a house he owned in LA sometimes back around $1.85 Million.


Kendal Jenner has achieved a lot within a short span of her career. This media icon turned model owns a beautiful mansion featuring five bathrooms, six bedrooms, a gym, and a large walk-in closet, and a swimming pool.

At worth of $6.5 million, this property will add colors to her life when there are any signs of any bankruptcy.


Undoubtedly Bruce Wills is one of the biggest stars in the Hollywood movie industry. Therefore one cannot imagine the amount of money he has made over the years.

As an extravagant Hollywood star, Wills learned to spend his money fruitfully. He bought a gorgeous mansion for around $9 Million with 6400-square-foot in New York.


Jared Leto is recognized for his acting skills and his music career had recently acquired a beautiful home in Hollywood Hills for a cost of $2 million. This purchase could supplement his wealth, as the investment could come in handy in his future.

The beautiful home covers 4000 square feet and it’s a two-storied structure. Furthermore, it features three bathrooms, a full bar, an entertainment room, a fire pit, some tropical landscaping covering the house’s exterior. Also, it has four bedrooms, a huge pool, and its own fully equipped studio. Leto would enjoy his break from music vastly in this home, from its luxuries, and to the privacy, it provides as it’s the only home in the street. It would be the best choice if Leto secures excellent insurance for such a home.


Mandy more is recognized for her singing prowess, as she has made a fortune for herself from her music career. For someone who has a net worth of Mandy, It is not uncommon to have a lifestyle that speaks money.

Mandy has chosen to spend her millions wisely as she acquired a $2.5 million home in Pasadena with a Size of 3551 square feet. The gorgeous home comprises a spa-like bathroom, large kitchen with a breakfast nook, three bedrooms, and an office. Besides her backyard has private access to the pool.


Heidi has had an illustrious career from being a supermodel to a television host, which has led to her making tons of money. The gorgeous model is now a proud owner of a 12,300 square foot home located in LA, which was bought for a staggering cost of $24 million.

The property spans across 8.5 acres of land featuring everything from eight bedrooms to a children’s playground. Heidi’s Italian-inspired home’s insurance and security system will something we wouldn’t want to imagine.


Drake is widely recognized all over the world for his singing career, as he is arguably one of the best rapper of all time. Drake had acquired a stunning property in hidden hills for a cost of $7.7 million, which could be considered as a “heist” as the property was initially put on the market for $27 million.

Drake’s wits to snatch this property for such an amount could have been influenced by some good lawyers who might have pulled some strings! This paradise is complete with a huge set of swimming pools, waterfalls.


Miley Cyrus is an American singer noted for her distinctive raspy voice. Miley has made a great fortune for herself, as her wealth is awe-inspiring for someone of her young age of 24. It is not surprising for someone of Miley’s wealth to shell out a huge amount, as this party girl paid off $2.5 million On a 2 bedroom Malibu mansion.

The stunning home covers an area of 2.06 acres of lush greenery. Hannah Montana’s acquisition should be appreciated as it’s a good investment plan in our opinion.


Ryan Lewis has a diverse career as he’s a DJ, videographer, photographer, Graphic designer, rapper, and songwriter. Ryan Lewis is majorly recognized around the globe for his skills as a DJ.

Lewis had purchased a property of 7610 square feet in Seattle for a whopping cost of $8 million. the property features five bathrooms,4 bedrooms, a golf leaf ceiling, marble floors, Theatre, a library, and a music studio.


Burt Reynolds has had a long star studded career as he has been an actor, director, and producer of film and television. This man has done it all and had it all. Unfortunately, Burt Reynolds passed away at the age of 82, on September 6th, 2018. Before his death,

Burt Reynolds had sold his home in Florida for a Cost of $3.3 million to his friend Charles Modica in 2015 and was allowed to live there by paying minimal rent. The reason behind this sale was due to bankruptcy, showing the prominence of money management to all of us.


Mark Wahlberg is A-list actor who needs no introduction. Mark owns a $30 million Lavish home in Beverly Hills, which was the inspiration off the show Entourage. The opulent home comprises six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a movie Theatre and a huge wide deck.

Plus the property spans over two acres of land. A property of this class will surely be a great investment choice and such an investment means bankruptcy is not anywhere closer to Mark.


Adele is world-renowned for her beautiful voice from which she acquired numerous accolades to her name. The multi-Grammy-winning singer has a steep bank account which means acquiring a $9.5 million Home will not be a burden to her. We have yet to know whether she was influenced by a financial advisor or not, but this young lady has the wits to put her money to good use, as the investment is not a bad idea.

The beautiful mansion resides on hidden valley Beverly hills, with plenty of living space as it’s a 6500 square foot property. Besides the property seems to keep off people away as it’s part of a guarded community. Furthermore, the stunning home has a wide list of amenities as it comes with four bedrooms, each with a fireplace, two dining rooms, two baths, and two living rooms. Also, the master bedroom has two walk in closets.


Joe Jonas rose to stardom from being part of the popular music group Jonas brothers, he is a widely recognized celebrity with a heavy bank balance. Joe decided to spend his millions, as he bought himself a $3.7 million mansion with a two-story structure in Sherman Oaks.

Joe Jonas has made a smart choice on acquiring the property rather than paying rent, which he was on a property with a 6 figure amount just for four months. Before he was advised by his financial advisor or else he might have soon seen a Bankruptcy lawyer. Coming back to the property the opulent home spans over 5600 square feet and features an open kitchen, six bathrooms, several fireplaces, an office, seven seated Theatre, and a pool.


Everyone knows this star, as she was part of the Hit TV sitcom FRIENDS. The beautiful actress had obtained a home in Malibu for a big budget of $33 million without a loan. Courtney wouldn’t necessarily need a loan as she has plenty of moolah sitting on her bank waiting to be spent.

Courtney Cox went a full hands-on approach to her dream home as she spent almost a decade designing the interiors by herself without any help from interior designers. Furthermore,. The beautiful home features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a tennis court, and a screening room. Plus it has a saltwater swimming pool and several guest cottages. She definitely needs to have insurance on this masterpiece.


Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is widely recognized as The weekend, who is quite popular for his amazing voice and electrifying stage performances. This man surely knows hot to make his millions count as he shelled out $20 million on a home in hidden hills with a size of 12,000 square feet.

The beautiful home comprises nine bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a cinema theatre, wine cellar. Also a wet bar, dining room with a fire place, music lounge, recording studio with a sound security system. All of us would definitely want to be in this guy shoes looking at this place but may be not when the insurance bill arrives.


Novak Djokovic is one of the most decorated tennis player, considered to be one of the all-time greats, as he is the current world number one. Certainly, he would live a life of luxury like his colleagues as he enjoys an 87 park complex in Miami with a net worth of $15 million.

The posh property comes along with various comforts as it has a private garden, large dining area, five bedrooms, and much more. No need to envy this guy as his insurance bill is more than our mortgage.


Minnie Driver is a beautiful American actress and singer. Minnie has made a smart investment choice, as she spent her millions wisely on a cozy home in Hollywood Hills for a cost of $2.5million. With such investments, Mindy doesn’t need any loans, as she may yield good dividends from this property in the future.

Minnie has a great knack for style, as the beautiful interior decorations of this home got it featured on the issue of Elle Decor. Even though the home has great style there may be some hindrances as the gypsy inspired home is a few pieces of furniture away from being a booby trap, where you can easily slip and fall over something.


Tommy Hilfiger is a popular clothing brand, but the brand name derives from the creator of it. Tommy is a fashion designer, who created a multi-million dollar corporation which led to him making a vast amount of dividends. Looking at all his wealth it is not surprising for a man of this class to shell out $27.5million on a golden beach estate in Florida.

Tommy’s estate oozes nothing but luxury as the huge property boasts 14,079 square feet and has eight bathrooms, seven-bedroom, and four entertainment rooms. Besides the house for some odd reason has a huge mickey mouse statue. Pondering about Tommy’s wealth and other numerous real estate investments, no one needs to worry about bankruptcy for this man, as his name and bankruptcy may not belong in the same sentence.


Jessica Alba is an irresistible American actress who has starred in several movies. She is not only an actress but also a businesswoman who has amassed a heavy net worth of $350 million. The 37-year-old actress has made countless real estate investments and one of them is the posh Beverly Hills mansion with a cost of $9.95 million.

It is not surprising for someone with Jessica’s wealth to live a luxurious lifestyle. An interesting fact is that the beautiful home was previously owned by Mike Medavoy the producer of the award-winning movie Black Swan.


The Glee star Lea Michelle had made an excellent investment when it comes to real estate, has she had bought a $3.3 million mansion in west LA. The Hollywood party house purchase could be contradicting Lea’s personality as she stays far away from the noise and the masses including fans and the paparazzi.

The property comprises four bedrooms with a spacious backyard. The glamorous home had been featured in Style’s home and design issue for its beautiful interior with warm calming colors. Surely Lea might have had a financial adviser who helped her with such an acquisition.


Keira Knightley is a well accomplished Hollywood actress who has several accolades to her name. The gorgeous actress had bought an apartment in Newyork for an impressive amount of $6 million. The apartment is located in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood, expanding over 3820 square feet.

The impressive property is fitting for her happy go lucky personality as it is designed in a light bohemian way. Also, the 3 bedrooms deluxe house features its private patio. Keira wouldn’t think twice about home insurance with her financial portfolio.


Jeff Franklin is recognized for being the creator the 90S sitcom Full house . Jeff made a $4million acquisition of a house in California. Jeff might have been influenced to purchase the house due to sentimental values, as it was part of the sitcom Full house.

Furthermore, Jeff spent more on restoring the house to its former glory. Considering this man’s stacked bank balance the cost of the house and the insurance may not be a concern to him.


Lady Gaga famously known for her singing career had got herself Frank Zappa’s former home in laurel canyon for a cost of $5.25 million. The massive mansion spans over half an acre, covering 6,579 square feet. This purchase by lady gaga can be considered to be a wise purchase as it resides in a landmark location in Hollywood hills.

The grand mansion features six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, two guest houses, and a staff apartment, and a good security system. In addition, it has an outdoor kitchen, art gallery, rooftop, tennis court, recording space, large background pool, and a large storage chamber. All insurance companies would have their eyes on lady Gaga’s new acquisition.


Hayden Panettiere is an American actress well known for her role in the superhero series Heroes. With the size of Hayden’s bank balance, she didn’t need to go through any hassle with a mortgage, as she shelled out $2.1 million on a lavish mansion in California.

Hayden doesn’t forget her past as she bought her dream house none other than in her home town Nashville. The beautiful home features a spacious kitchen, a gorgeous cabin-like living room, including a bookcase filled with wooden logs, plus a music room with all her guitars. As we mentioned that the singer doesn’t forget about her past, the singer has filled the place with rustic elements and memorabilia from her childhood. We hope that Hayden doesn’t forget about the property’s insurance.


Kylie rose to stardom when she starred in the reality TV show keeping up with the Kardashians. She is already a millionaire at the young age of 20, would you believe that? The youngest Kardashian knows how to spend her millions, as she bought a 4851 square feet mansion in California.

This house may suit her lavish lifestyle as the mansion features 3 walk-in closets to hold her massive collection of shoes and purses. Also, the black and white themed home comes along with a luxurious pool and quite a few seating areas. You may be shocked if we mention how much the insurance cover for this property is. It may be wise for the young lady to have a financial adviser to help her with money management as she may not be in control of such a huge amount.


The power couple had acquired a 3990 square foot townhouse in Brooklyn’s park slope with six suites like bedrooms in a gorgeous architectural design. The Hollywood stars didn’t waste their time on a mortgage as they paid off $6 million on their home.

The couple may face a rise in home insurance as they chose to renovate the place further spending 300k. yet, we don’t think the insurance bill will be a problem for these millionaires.


The extraordinary athlete is one of the most successful and decorated Olympian of all time. He has accumulated a total of 28 medals for his swimming prowess. Phelps AKA “Mr. Olympics” had made a fabulous real estate investment as he had bought a $2.5 million mansion in Scottsdale.

The gorgeous mansion features five bedrooms, 6 baths, and a huge kitchen, a formal dining room, and four fireplaces. Also, the 6000 square foot property has plenty of living space. Looking at this mansion we can just imagine that insurance of this property will be off the charts.


Diana Ross rose to fame in the 1970s as the lead singer of the group Supremes. The 70-year-old singer seems to enjoy a stunning home with a cost of $16.9 million in Greenwich. The grand home covers an area of 3.4 acres with a wide list of amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and state of the art technology. Besides, the beautiful mansion has a brick exterior and slate roof, marble decoration, and custom woodwork.

The 3.4-acre property has enough space for plenty of guests. The outside has neatly manicured lawns and tall trees surrounding it. The singer’s home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac, separated from the masses with access to downtown Greenwich.


Steve Harvey is quite well known for his hosting talents had purchased a luxurious penthouse back in 2013 where he and his wife used to live. The penthouse is located on the 88th floor of trump tower in Chicago Illinois.

The talk show host’s home was put on the market in the fall of 2018 for a heavy amount of $7.7 million as Steve Harvey had to move from Chicago to Los Angeles due to his shift in performances.


Aaron Rodgers is an American football quarterback for the green bay packers of the NFL. The athlete has amassed a net worth of $120 million of which $90million of them is from endorsements and salary. Rodgers knows how to spend his millions as he has a couple of posh properties, one in Wisconsin and the other in Del Mar San Diego where he grew up.

The San Diego mansion was acquired for $8 million. The opulent property contains a wide list of amenities as it has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a big swimming pool with a Jacuzzi in the background, a full spa with a sauna, a football field, a basketball court, a gaming room, and a cinema. To us common folks acquiring such a property would require a huge loan, considering that a property like this doesn’t have over the roof interest rates.


Travis barker bought a villa in Calabasas California for $2.8million. You may wonder how this guy can afford a property of this price, for that I may need to mention to you that, Travis Barker is a singer-songwriter known for being the drummer of the hit band blink 182 has accumulated a net worth of $50 million.

The 42-year-old artist has a real knack for real estate investments as he already owns another house in the same area as this villa. The $2.825 million mansion comprises 5 bedrooms, six bathrooms, a fitness room, a walk-in closet, and a family room. Furthermore, it has a home theater, outdoor & indoor fireplace, swimming pool, spa surrounded by columns and fountains. Besides, the size of this villa is about 7196 square feet indicating it has plenty of space for guests. Travis barker can relax on the thought of mortgages because with great real estate investment like this mortgage problems are less likely.


Ciara Wilson is recognized for being a singer-songwriter, model and a dancer. Ciara owns a 10,700 square foot mansion in Bellevue’s Meydenbauer bay which has an estimated cost of $6.7 million. Ciara lives with her daughter and her husband Russell Wilson who is an American football quarterback.

This man has plenty of dollars in his bank as his net worth towers over Ciara’s net worth. Considering the indifference of wealth between the two, it could quite probably mean that Russell may handle the insurance, but it doesn’t mean that the singer can’t afford such a heavy investment. Coming back to the property, it features amazing views of the lake Washington, a wine cellar, theater room, and a dock by the lake. Also, the home has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, spiral staircases, and a huge chandelier in the entrance hall. The couple would be pleased with their investment.


Jillian Michaels is an American personal trainer, businesswoman, and a television personality. Back in 2010, the fitness guru chose to make herself a real estate investment as she bought herself a beautiful beachside Malibu mansion for an estimated cost of $6.62 million.

The hefty amount may not cause major issues to the gorgeous trainer, as she has stacked up a net worth roughly around $20 million and real estate investments like these are always a wise choice. The mansion comes along with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a large car garage. The mansion also features a top-notch security system, a glass-walled living room, and a dining room, with a wide terrace and sweeping views of the ocean from all corners. However, Jillian may have had a change of thoughts on the investment has she enlisted the property on the market for a heavy amount of $8.775 million


Robert Downey JR is famously known for his role as an ironman. In his substantial career, he has made a fortune as he has amassed a net worth of $300 million. Although Robert Downey Jr lives a happy extravagant life now, things weren’t always this great.

As the A-list actor went through a phase of substance abuse, legal issues and suffered a divorce, and went through rehab. After all the extravagant life choices and all the luxuries this man has seen, he decides to slow down a bit as he decided to purchase a family oriented whimsy home. The property named “Edward de rose” cottage was bought for an astounding amount of $11.9 million. The cottage stretches across four acres of land featuring the main house complete with seven bedrooms, 4 bathrooms as well as a library and an office. While the guest house has two bedrooms. In addition to that property gloats a massive pool, tennis court, three garages, and a studio. Mortgage and insurance will not be a concern for this star-studded actor as he has a loaded bank account.


The gorgeous actress recently purchased a stunning mansion in studio city, LA with an estimated cost of $1.7 million. Using up a chunk of her net worth on this masterpiece. The posh house exemplifies the meaning of luxury; to lay it on thick the beautiful Mediterranean villa comprises four bedrooms, three bathrooms, on an open floor plan for living and dining rooms, an extravagant master suite with a fireplace, and a private bathroom with jetted tub and a double sink.

Although the big mansion is 3618 square feet in size the outside space is not quite big as it features a small swimming pool with saltwater and a cabana.Pondering about the cost of the house, we wouldn’t want to be in Lucy’s shoes when the insurance bill arrives.


Liam Hemsworth is an actor who has played few roles in movies, quite well recognized for starring in Hunger games. The Hunger Games star had bought a mansion in Malibu for a staggering $6.8 million back in 2014.The fancy mansion can be considered as a wise real estate investment by Liam, as he very well knows how to handle his finances.

The insurance company that he picked would be ecstatic considering the whopping price of the mansion. The grand mansion is 1980 square foot in size that comes along with three bedrooms, a combined living room, and a dining room, with a fireplace, a recording, and a gallery. Outside there are a multilevel deck and a gorgeous swimming pool. Liam may have bought himself a little as a haven as the modern estate reflects the spirits of the city: concrete and wood, large numerous windows, and spacious lawns.


Chloe Grace Moretz is an American actress. She began her acting career as a child. The gorgeous 20-year-old has a big brain for investments as she made numerous real estate investments setting an example for girls of her age to follow. One of those investments is her latest acquisition of a 5600 square foot mansion in LA worth around $3.4 million.

The lavish mansion includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms; the pad includes a large master bath complete with a Jacuzzi tub, while on the outside there is a pool, spa, and a waterfall.


Julianne Hough is an American actress, singer and songwriter. Julianne Hough bought a $2million mansion in Hollywood hills as she was through with paying mortgages and decided to head towards real estate investments.

The jaw-dropping property comes with four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and plenty of space for her and her husband as it has 2101 square feet of living space.


Hillary Duff is an American actress, businesswoman, producer, and writer. Hilary Duff has made a fortune for herself with a net worth of $25 million. The beautiful actress has used her wits when it comes to real estate investments when she bought a beautiful Mediterranean style mansion for a beefy payment of $6.2 million.

The luxurious property is 9227 square feet in size with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a game room, and a cognac room. In addition to that, there is also a massive swimming pool and three garages. After looking at the property is it even necessary to mention the insurance or the high-tech security system.


Harry style’s is a former band member of the widely recognized group “one direction”. He is also a singer and song writer. Harry style’s has a loaded bank account with a net worth of $50 million. Considering his financial portfolio he has no issues in acquiring expensive mansions as he paid a hefty amount of$6.78 million for a property in Hollywood hills.

The property features a gym, a hot tub , screening room, swimming pool and a spa. Harry might had change of ideas on his real estate investment as he put the mansion on the market for a shocking $8.5million. we can’t but ponder how huge the home insurance must be for such a mansion.


Bella throne is an American actress, model and singer. The American actress just got out of her teen, yet she has made some real estate investments far beyond her age, as her real estate portfolio speaks volumes.

In December 2016, Bella throne acquired a $2 million deluxe mansion located in Sherman oaks. The beautiful mansion features 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms with plenty of living space at 4500 square feet, a wine cellar, and fireplace, walk-in closet, and state of the art of security system, there is also a swimming pool, spa, and much more.


Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most influential woman on this planet. She is an American talk show host, television producer, actress, and philanthropist. The media mogul has stacked up a net worth of $3billion with many wise real estate investments.

Clearly, The richest black woman in the world will not live an average lifestyle, as she spends her millions lavishly. The billionaire bought a massive 23000 square foot mansion in California. Winfrey’s property craze led to this colossal purchase of$50 million. With further modifications done by Winfrey, the breathtaking mansion has tripled in net worth as it now costs about $165 million. Every insurance would want to have a client like her.


The beautiful couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have a net worth of over $500 million. The couple decided to put their money to good use as they deiced to purchase a $20 million mansion in California back in 2014.

The house is unique as it functions on gray-water technology for irrigation as well as photovoltaic solar panels. Moreover, the power couples 22000 square foot home features eight bedrooms, an elevator, and a lagoon-shaped pool. Considering the cost of this home the couple’s insurance company would be over the moon.


Petra Stunt is an heiress, model, fashion designer, and socialite. The beautiful model is roughly estimated to have a net worth of $400 million. The stunning millionaire had purchased the biggest home in Los Angeles County for a heavy amount of $85 million back in 2011.

The Manor has an estimated size of 56000 square feet. The 4.7 acre Holmby hills estate is designed for a life of glamour and good living to which Petra is no stranger. The property did not only cost $85 million as there had been additional renovations made on this property, meaning that Petra has shelled out more. Petra might have had a change of plans on the manor as she had recently enlisted the property for a staggering $200 million on the market. looking at this property just imagine the insurance of this property.


Justin Bieber reached peak success at the very young age of 16 when he was found on YouTube by the American rapper Usher. Bieber’s wealth is mind-boggling for his young age of 24, as his bank account is loaded even with the history of canceling shows to have a private time.

Justin had acquired a house in Hollywood Hills for a whopping cost of $20 million which is a 6500 square feet glasshouse, which allows you to see everything going on inside from every angle. This style of the house is intriguing as the singer already has enough paparazzi issues. The opulent property consists of seven bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a 7 car garage, and a gorgeous infinity pool with an estimated rent of 60k per month. The insurance bill of this property would be shocking for us common folks, but for a person with $200 million as his net worth, this won’t be an issue.


Jane Fonda is a two-time academy winning actress who is famously known for her legendary acting skills. Jane Fonda has also ventured into other areas such as real estate. In 2012, Jane Fonda bought a beautiful home in Beverly Hills’ with an estimated cost of $13 million.

The $13 million mansion has seven bathrooms, a giant walk-in closet, four bedrooms, and a glass elevator, an office surrounded by trees, and a sound security system. Besides, there is a serene view from her outdoor living room, a deck with a fire pit, and a solar heated pool. Jane Fonda has a knack for design so to vent out her creativity she went for the 7020 square feet house. Looking at this mansion the insurance bill of Jane will be something special.


Matt Damon is a widely recognized Hollywood movie star, producer, and screenwriter. He is ranked among Forbes’s most bankable stars. In 2017, the A-list actor dropped $16.645 million on a lavish Brooklyn penthouse.

You may think that being married and having three kids makes your house demands expensive, but not for this guy. The huge payment of $16.645 million makes him the most expensive real estate purchase in the city. The penthouse is over 6000 square feet in size, with six bedrooms, a kid’s playroom, gym, wooden floors, a good security system, and other amenities. It is rumored that Damon and his family may move to Australia, so what may happen to this baby.


Parker Schnabel is a TV personality, who starred on the reality TV show Gold Rush. He made himself a fortune by mining gold on the hit show where he stacked up a net worth of $3 million. At the young of 23, Schnabel already lives an extravagant lifestyle.

Schnabel with his loaded bank account decided to treat himself to a fancy mansion in Alaska for a cost of $950,000. The mansion comes fully equipped with four suites, two swimming pools, and twelve spacious rooms. Schnabel AKA the dirt nerd has quite wits for investments as this purchase could be a testament to this fact.


Ashton Kutcher is a Hollywood star, producer, and entrepreneur. He began his acting career in a 70s sitcom on which he portrayed Michael Kelso and since then he has played in major movies and series.

Ashton Kutcher and his spouse Mila Kunis who is also a widely known movie star had splurged $10 million on a three-bedroom home in Beverly Hills’ to accommodate their rapidly growing family. The couple’s investment plans on purchasing the mansion would be a wise choice for their future as they already have two kids.


Duane “Dog” Chapman is an American TV series star who has starred in the reality TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter alongside his wife Beth Chapman on A&E. Beth Chapman is also a television producer.

The power couple had decided to make a real estate investment as they purchased a mansion in Hawaii. The couple had been in a long term relationship before they decided to get married. Beth and Duane bought the mansion for an undisclosed amount after they got married as they wanted to take a break from bounty hunting and what better way to start their marriage life than in one of the most beautiful islands in the world!. The couple had reportedly stopped the series as Beth Chapman had been battling throat cancer.


Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for nearly 25 years, with a family of 5 including their three daughters. McGraw and hill exemplify the meaning of love since their marriage has lasted since 1996.

The country music stars created a little slice of heaven on their property island in the Bahamas. Starting from scrap it took several years to finish the whole construction; finally, it came to a conclusion in 2012 for an estimated cost of $18 million. The property comprises 8 interconnected pavilions with outdoor passages between them, portraying that the couple has a great sense of taste when it comes to building homes. Home insurance will be essential for a property of this magnitude.


Peyton Manning is a former American football quarterback who played for 18 seasons in the NFL for franchises such as Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning has numerous properties and one of them is in Denver Chevy hills in a stunning Georgian mansion with a cost of $4.57 million.

Not a bad investment for the retired baller! The house is estimated to be 16,464 square feet in size. The stellar property has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, an entertainment room, a wine cellar, and an enormous garage. There are few features in the house that common folks do not see every day like a dog room and a “safe room”, all guarded by the state of the home security.


In 2016, Scarlett Johansson had purchased a classic property which was built in 1941. The mansion had impeccably restored to offer the latest luxuries. The mansion resides in Los Angeles California, which features a huge swimming pool, spa, cabana, and plenty of space for Scarlett’s baby girl.

Scarlett bought the house for her growing family for an estimated cost of $4 million and don’t you worry about huge house insurance costs or security system as the box office superstar has plenty of money sitting in her bank account to cover them.


This Golden Globe-winning actress has purchased a breathtakingly beautiful house in Pacific Palisades adjacent to her current house that she lives in. Since the property is about $5.3 million, we cannot forget about the fact a house is a heaven-like place.

Amazingly impressive this posh building has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, and a spa. That is said nobody is certain of is if she is willing to call the new property her guesthouse or if the old one is going to be sold.Supposedly this actress has numerous investments therefore mortgage rates won’t be a trouble.

Marshawn Lynch – $3.3, Richmond

There is no need for an introduction for this renowned footballer as he has always been in the news. Now what? It’s about the new property that he decided to purchase in Richmond. Located at the view of San Francisco Bay, this mansion is simply beyond the imagination with 7000 square feet.

Featuring five bedrooms six bathrooms, a boat dock, a home theatre, and a prudentially built elevator adds color to the property. Back in 2012, the property had been purchased for around $3.3 million and this shows how smart this star has been to buy this property. Now he is entitled to sprawl in this serene place when he retires.


Drew Barrymore was one of the most bankable stars in the ’90s and enjoyed her fame very much when she was at her peak.

However her personal life was completely opposite of her career when she decided to file for the divorce -that was for the third time, so she listed the home for sale. Located in California this real estate cost $7.5 million.


This true symbol of versatility in acting with a net worth of $200 million has already turned his beautiful mansion into a sanctuary. Being an aficionado of animals, this concept of being surrounded by a sanctuary is interesting, isn’t it?

Located in Mississippi with 124 acres, this ranch is filled with beekeeping. The cost of the mansion is yet to be announced and the appearance of the mansion tells it all – the big money. Nevertheless, the insurance for the mansion must be big when considering the extravagant look of the property.


Everybody knows Nicole Kidman, who doesn’t?Known for many versatile roles. She can afford to buy anything in this world. Over years she has made lot money through her acting, today her net worth is around $183 Million and owns myriad of assets from real estate investments to yachts.

Out of these investments a mansion located in Beverly Hills around $4.7Million, another property in southern highland worth around $6.5milloon are bankable. Also a farm estate in Australia purchased around $4.8 Million is highly remarkable as it her own soil.


Called it a day a few years ago Liddell is now having a great time spending with his family is not quite interesting?

This former American LIFC champ purchased an amazing 5000 Square feet hidden hill mansion surrounded by A-listed from Kim Kardashian to Justin Bieber to many more.


This UFC champ can dance to his own tune as he has enough investments all around the world. He owns a house in Ireland and the US. Other than these two houses this star rented a luxury 12000 Square feet mansion in Las Vegas for $1million, named “Mac Mansion” this splendid mansion features six bedrooms, saunas, a full gym, cinema, an office, and an elevator.

Beautifully located in the middle of mountains the outside of this mansion is absolutely inspiring with waterfalls and a 50-foot infinity pool with a spa. In fact, the financial advisor of this guy seems meticulous while doing a great job to make sure the property in shape in case of a rainy day.


Gigi Hadid is a known face in the American fashion industry and was born with a silver spoon in her mouth the mansion she grew up in was swapped for a beautiful $4million apartment in NoHo, New york City.

Measured around 2085Sqft, includes two bedrooms, a modern kitchen with high ceilings. Simply this new property may not seem sophisticated but that keeps the bank balance all safe. Gigi is quite aware of insurance rates, mortgage gives that her father is a real estate developer.


One time most celebrated couple in Hollywood is no more in the news as they have already parted from each other. But there’s one thing that can keep them together – is their $60million home in France.

Enormously this beautiful castle has 35 bedrooms and it is more than enough for a whole family of six. However, we are not sure whether this famous couple has decided to sit down and write a farewell letter to the pro


She is not a graduate of finance management, but she does it all so convincingly. Unlike other stars from tinsel town, the actress believes in the fact that of being simple. Even with the absence of a plethora of trills, one property looks incredibly beautiful.

This 4100Sqft property features a 40-foot gallery, ebony wooden floor, exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling French doors, with the master bedroom included with thirteen windows and eight closets.


Compared with her, Christina Aguilera has a great sense of knowledge in investing finance. The mansion she lives in now proves it all. Located in Los-Angeles, the mansion can be named by the word “heaven”.

This 11000Sqft property has everything from color-ordinations to a personal recording studio and security system. Most importantly, unlike other celebrity property, this one resembles a closet filled with many designer shoes.


Despite the risk of living near water, Mathew McConaughey leads comfortably in an amazing mansion in the River crest area near Lake Austin.

This 10000Sqft mansion features seven bedrooms, Dockery for boats, and a gated long drive with two circular motor courts. It is no wonder living near a lake makes him pleased as his bank balance is high as the sky.


Even though his net worth is unrevealed this famous TV host has certainly earned a lot of money. Yes, you heard it right after winning over the audience in the TV show,

The Price is Right, Bob Barker rose to fame like never before. Today he can afford anything you name. However estimated value of his current mansion is not unveiled yet.


Beautifully built with many rooms and ceilings along with a theatre room, a gym, a cozy fireplace, depicts has a massive net worth; $50 million.

Insurance coverage of the property is certainly a great priority, however, this guy’s bank balance will strengthen the safety of the property.


Everybody loves to live in a beautiful lake, who doesn’t? Then this guy Alan Jackson such a fortunate guy, living by a lake in a beautiful mansion with his wife.

In 2010 they decided to cash in on this fairytale-like property as if it was too spacious for two of them.


When you hear basketball, the first person that comes to mind is this guy. Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest of all time. The basketball star has many accolades to his name that he received throughout his career; he has also acted in a few Hollywood movies.

The star-studded athlete has made shed loads of money from his salary and endorsements. This guy oozes luxury as he has stacked up a net worth of $1.6 billion. To supplement his fortune Jordan bought himself a $15 million mansion in Chicago that comes with 9 bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, a huge gym, a wine cellar, and a wooden man cave for recreation. The mansion spans over 56000 square feet. The outside of this mansion is also spectacular. Our own mortgage won’t be able to cover the size of the insurance of this property


Judd Apatow is a familiar name to many avid readers all over the world. His net worth is as fascinating as his writing. He bought a 1930 Square feet Malibu mansion from the late director Laura Ziskin in 2013.

Since his wife also was a part of the big investment, they both made their minds to cash in on the investment for $12Million. With three bedrooms and four bathrooms, the property was sold for $11.5million.