Select Hartford For The Commercial Insurance Requirements of Your New York Company

The Empire States is home to 2.2 million different types of small businesses. This accounts for 99.8 percent of all companies in New York. Almost half of all state employees are employed by New York’s 4.1 million small enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the state’s workforce.

Coverage Options for New York Businesses That Need Insurance New York Business Owner’s Policy (NYBOP)

One type of insurance coverage known as a Business Owners Policy (BOP) rolls both commercial property insurance and commercial liability insurance into a single package. Our business owners’ rules can assist in shielding New York companies and their employees against legal action related to the following:

  • Illness to the body
  • Property damage
  • Theft

You can additionally tailor your BOP to match the unique requirements of your company by including additional policies, such as the following examples:

  • Insurance against data breaches
  • Insurance for professionals against legal responsibility
  • Insurance for the compensation of workers

If your company possesses any of the following, you should give serious thought to purchasing a BOP policy:

  • A real-world name or location in New York; this could be a storefront, a home office, a conventional office, or a place you rent.
  • Consumers may sue you if they get injured while shopping or working at your establishment.
  • Anything such as digital assets, equipment, currency, or furniture that run the risk of being lost, destroyed, or stolen

Insurance for Businesses in New York that Own Property

if you own or rent your facility, commercial real estate insurance can assist you in protecting your company’s assets, including but not limited to the following:

  • Equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Items belonging to the individual

Hence, if a fire were to damage any of your items or equipment, this coverage might assist in paying for their repair or replacement. Also, it can help in covering the cost of office equipment that has been misplaced or stolen. In addition, we can assist you in customizing your policy to cater to your company’s unique requirements and include coverage for precious papers or records.

Insurance for General Liability in New York

general liability insurance new Yorkin the state of New York, public liability insurance (GL), which is commonly referred to as commercial liability insurance, assists in protecting your company from claims concerning the following:

  • Harm to one’s reputation
  • Property damage
  • Ailment to the body
  • Advertising errors

This indicates that general liability insurance can help cover your firm if it makes an error in its advertising or a consumer sustains an injury on your organization’s premises.

You should obtain a general liability insurance quotation from a reputable insurance company, such as The Hartford, to locate the policy that best suits your needs. This can assist you in finding the appropriate protection for your company at a reasonable cost. To get the ball rolling, obtain a price estimate from us.

New York State Insurance for Businesses and Their Earnings

If the damage to your company requires you to close it down, having business income insurance can help you make up for the earnings you won’t bring in then. In most cases, this insurance policy will compensate your company for losses incurred as a result of the following:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Storms

If any of the following apply to your company, you likely require business income insurance:

  • Possesses or has access to a physical place from which it delivers its services.
  • You sell retail things at your own physical storefront (a “brick and mortar”).
  • Relies on computer programs or other forms of digital property to generate revenue.
  • Makes various machines and tools to manufacture a product or carry out a service to generate cash.

Although our Business Owners Policy (BOP) already includes company income insurance, if you like, you are free to purchase the coverage on its own as well.

Corporate Auto Insurance in NY

When you or one of your employees is involved in a collision while using an insured vehicle for work, having commercial auto insurance can assist in paying the costs associated with the accident. This protects you from having to pay for the damaged property and medical bills. For example, if one of your employees runs over a pedestrian while driving, this coverage may contribute to the payment of the medical expenses incurred by the pedestrian.

Insurance for Mistakes and Omissions in the State of New York

Errors and blunders insurance, which is often referred to as insurance for professionals, is a type of business insurance that helps protect your company against claims of:

  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inaccurate counsel
  • Inability to execute professional services or inaccuracy in the performance of professional services
  • Libel or slander
  • A breach of the protection of personally identifiable information

If you do not have professional liability coverage, you will be responsible for paying your legal defense costs.

Minimum Standards for Business Insurance in the State of New York

If your New York local company does not have any insurance or the appropriate form of insurance, you and your employees may be jeopardizing yourselves and your company. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you discuss the various forms of commercial insurance coverage that you require with an experienced agent.

It is also crucial to know that New York mandates small businesses to carry workers’ compensation insurance and give disability benefits to their employees to protect them if they are injured or become ill due to their work.

We have been offering this coverage to companies in New York for many years. Our mission is to assist you in better safeguarding both your company and its personnel.

Coverage for New York Businesses’ Commercial Insurance Regardless of Where You Are in New York Commercial Insurance. We can meet all of your needs, regardless of where in the state of New York you may be. You might, for instance, be able to obtain the following:

  • Insurance for businesses in the city of New York
  • Insurance for companies operating in Brooklyn
  • Insurance for small businesses in Syracuse, New York
  • Insurance for small businesses in the city of Buffalo, New York
  • Insurance for businesses on Long Island
  • Commercial insurance in the New York borough of Queens