The 3 Real Estate Markets Most Attractive

The economy was almost completely engulfed in economic downturn. The ups and downs on each continent illustrate how easy capital comes and goes. That said, cash flows back into the pockets of people around the world. Some of the richest countries not only invest their money on clothes, cars and holidays, they also invest real estate. Land has become an incredible sign of wealth and is a must for today ‘s richest holiday homes. These five destinations are full of investment opportunities and are highly challenging.


In terms of environmental consciousness, jail structures and well nearly all, the Swiss are not just ahead of the curve. They are at the forefront when it comes to the property market. With global threats or rivals, the country is a holiday destination that investors want and a place of economic stability. If you are an outsider, the Swiss are conservative in terms of renting, leasing and business in Switzerland, contributing to their desirability for corporate use. The only strict thing concerns the laws banning the ownership of a second residence, which leads to a increase in commercial properties.

New Zealand

With sales of $6 billion from their tourism division alone, the property in New Zealand is on fire. The country is a tourist destination all year round and thus supports a healthy economy. For winter lovers it is a popular ski resort in winter and for summer lovers; in summer it boasts wonderful beaches and vineyards. New Zealand has shockingly loose tax rules – one of them is no property tax. International investors investing less than NZ$10,000,000 can do so openly, without the Overseas Investment Office ‘s permission. It is full of commercial and more personal investment opportunities.

Liguria, Italy

This glorious region with a population of 1.5 million is a somewhat conservative and intelligent alternative. The city has as much tradition and context as anywhere else in Italy but is known to be much more accessible. With the reparation of Italy ‘s economy and its rise in tourism, the city encourages more development and opportunities. Located in the Italian Riviera, it includes charming villages and homes by the sea. The city is the ideal choice for a second home / holiday home rather than for business investment. The British are searching for property here, so have yours as long as you can.